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Ginger Queen

Ginger Queen

by eihllia
Historical Fiction Mystery Adventure Action Romance

Will they make it or will they ruin each other? He was an emotionless man, but due to her strange actions and reasoning, he was slowly reverting to the person he buried long ago. Is she able to adopt, or will she die before completing anything, and even worse, will she be able to return? "Trap by Loved" ~~~~~~~~~

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Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

by KrisVFX
Fantasy Adventure Action Romance Supernatural Isekai Harem LitRPG

Before this happened, Hiroki was a normal student in Japan who enjoyed gaming and reading manga.
One day while he was playing on his computer, he fell asleep.
When he woke up he found himself in a weird old room.
Spider webs everywhere, broken things and creepy stuff laying around, but what was more shocking, he found out he was floating and couldn't touch anything...
"Wait... am I a ghost?"

•Updates every Friday!
•You can find up to 15 chapters ahead from any other reader in my Patreon. Illustrations and bonus chapters (Lewds)
My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KrisVFX 
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My Angelic Demon

My Angelic Demon

by Lovely Writer
BL Mystery Adventure LQBTQ+ Romance

Elliot Eves is pulled into a strange realm of Magical Creatures and Elf sorcerers. He is the first 'Pathseeker'( ones who can travel freely between the four realms of Existence) in the last five hundred years. For the beings here, his blood is far more precious than his life itself. 

Even in this living mess, there is a ray of hope. An Elf is there beside him. The feeling he has only by a glimpse of him makes his heart to pound leaps and bounds. Is this love? Then, who is this guy with shadows surrounding him, who comes so often in his dreams and stares at him with those longingly, teary eyes. 

What if fate binds you to someone darker? Someone you can never dream of loving? What is love anyway? Is true love just a myth or reality? Can love really bind two souls for eternity? Or it's as fragile a life itself.

"To die for someone is easy my friend, to live for someone is the harder part. And I chose both for the same person." 

                                                                                          -A quote from the novel


-I have altered the point of view of the story to different characters to give idea of a situation through various aspects. The name beside the title indicate whose POV is used in the chapter.  Hope you like it. 

 -  The cover and the thumbnail     belongs to their original creator. I have  downloaded it from Pinterest and do not own its copyright. If you are the  creator, please contact, I would be happy to put you on credit.

 - If you wish to promote my novel in any way. Please contact me first, I would  be pleased to work with you.   

-All the copyrights of this story are reserved.

Warning : The content may contain some mature contents(16+)

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Forced into Fantasy

Forced into Fantasy

by Bec Middleton
Fantasy Adventure Supernatural Adult Romance

Without even realising it, a talented young author named Ivy uses a powerful amulet to transport herself into a mystical world filled with danger, sex, magic and dragons,

After learning that she has become the main character in her own story, Ivy soon realises that she needs to play the part of the fiery and voluptuous young maiden. One who has just been taken prisoner by the merciless Overlord Adomis, after a recent raid on her small village. 

Will she be able to find a way to survive in such a cruel and incredibly intimate world or will she fall prey to the very characters she herself created? Can she manage to resist the dangerous temptation of the brutishly handsome Adomis, or will she give in to her deeply hidden dark desires towards him? 

And finally, will she manage to find a way to get back home... 

Or in the end will she perhaps choose to stay?

WARNING - Story contains extreme violence, coarse language, abuse, graphic sex scenes and is intended for those over the age of 18. You have been warned!

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Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

by Blue Pheasant
Fantasy Adventure Action Comedy Isekai Romance LitRPG Slice of Life

'This fucking world…sigh…If only I could be isekai'd like those novels.'

A pipe dream. It was impossible in the real world, I knew that. A fiction was just a fiction after all.

But then a new virtual reality game named Chaos brought me hopes. I could finally escape this hell. However, my new life faced another huge obstacle.

'Damn lady luck never smiles upon me...'

Then a time skip happens and finally, my interesting life begins. 😁

Author's Note:

Beware: This story has a slow start. And I like to show character relationships and interactions among them more.

I'm a non-native, and this is my first English novel, therefore my writing pace is still slow and the use of words isn't that good yet.

Also, I might be editing a bit here and there from time to time, which shouldn't affect the story.

I'll be publishing every Sunday and Thursday for now.

If you want to join my discord to communicate with me and my other readers~ https://discord.gg/MNrhCkYp6R

If you want more updates please consider donating at ko-fi.com/bluepheasant. It will get me motivated to force myself to write more.

The characters on the cover were made using:

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