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Their Desire

Their Desire

by Ji Na
Mystery Contemporary Young Adult Drama Romance

People think of me as a rich snobbish bastard but their perspective about me never bothers me because they are all insignificant beings who abhor me not because of my personality but because they want to live my life and unfortunately, they can’t.

Yet she was different, when we met for the first time, she kept with my obnoxious personality and endured my temperament till I came to adore her. And with time that adoration took the shape of love.

But I never dared to tell her about my feelings thinking that my declaration might damage our friendship. Still, I hated the thought of any other guy approaching her, so I used all my means to keep them away from her.

But then she left me, making my heart yearn for her presence.

After a long time when I had learned to live without her, she came back into my life.

She was in pain and I could see it in her eyes, and I was afraid that she would leave me again if I confess.

But all changed when I saw her with my best friend. He had pulled her into a tight hug, patting her back reassuringly while kissing her forehead repeatedly.

That day something changed in me, and I realized that she doesn’t deserve my love.

Hence, I started to loathe her, torturing her in every possible way.

But still, somewhere in my heart, I desired her.

Note: It's a slow-burn story so things will progress steadily.

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It takes three

It takes three

by Mali
Mystery LQBTQ+ Harem Romance

The first book of It Takes Three series. Amira and Eira are twins who have always been there for each other. They inseparable almost never leaving each other sides, they complement each other.  Thanks to the support of their older brother, they start at his bar and meet three different bodyguards for hire.


Note read it while you can if the  story gets nominated by the wattys i will have to take down the book.

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Rebirth of the Bird

Rebirth of the Bird

by Ayano Tsuzuki
Fantasy Mystery Adventure

"Outlanders, your journey ends now!"

Kiestrel wakes up reincarnated in a fantasy world as a blue jay (a type of bird)!
Determined to survive in this chaotic world, she will do anything she can to not fall into the claws of apex predators... Along with crazed, maniac magicians and insane Arch-Angels?! 

(Cover made in Canva).


Please be aware that this series may not update as quickly as it would be on Tapas. Click on the link for the Tapas version~!


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My Angelic Demon

My Angelic Demon

by Lovely Writer
BL Mystery Adventure LQBTQ+ Romance

Elliot Eves is pulled into a strange realm of Magical Creatures and Elf sorcerers. He is the first 'Pathseeker'( ones who can travel freely between the four realms of Existence) in the last five hundred years. For the beings here, his blood is far more precious than his life itself. 

Even in this living mess, there is a ray of hope. An Elf is there beside him. The feeling he has only by a glimpse of him makes his heart to pound leaps and bounds. Is this love? Then, who is this guy with shadows surrounding him, who comes so often in his dreams and stares at him with those longingly, teary eyes. 

What if fate binds you to someone darker? Someone you can never dream of loving? What is love anyway? Is true love just a myth or reality? Can love really bind two souls for eternity? Or it's as fragile a life itself.

"To die for someone is easy my friend, to live for someone is the harder part. And I chose both for the same person." 

                                                                                          -A quote from the novel


-I have altered the point of view of the story to different characters to give idea of a situation through various aspects. The name beside the title indicate whose POV is used in the chapter.  Hope you like it. 

 -  The cover and the thumbnail     belongs to their original creator. I have  downloaded it from Pinterest and do not own its copyright. If you are the  creator, please contact, I would be happy to put you on credit.

 - If you wish to promote my novel in any way. Please contact me first, I would  be pleased to work with you.   

-All the copyrights of this story are reserved.

Warning : The content may contain some mature contents(16+)

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by Kainatarma
Fantasy Mystery Supernatural Young Adult Horror

People said to him that the dead always have a way to torment the living; but what if he was the dead? Months after a mysterious earthquake killed his mother, peculiar things happened. Kôra Halin felt there might be another agency to his current existence.

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