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Pain Love

Pain Love

by R O I
Werewolf LQBTQ+ Young Adult Adult Drama Smut Omegaverse Romance

""And where the hell were you I've been blowing up your phone to get your ass back home,"  I added on 

My mouth went dry soon after that he rolled his eyes in annoyance while speed-walking straight to our room and his dreadlocks bounced at every movement he stepped on.


"Don't roll your eyes at me, young man!" I yelled I was older than him by two years I feel like such a parent to him. "


Dorris  waits for his alpha every night to come back home but what he dose not realize is that he hangs out with his bed friend. However it's "more" than a hang out 

Luckily his best friend who stays by his side all the time knows what's happening between them both

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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

BL LQBTQ+ Romance

"Sorry, Greg. I'm not leaving. This is my place now too."


These words from a man he barely knew threatened to shatter whatever remaining sanity Greg had after going to great lengths to move on from the death of his fiancé.

As if his dead ex's betrayal wasn't enough, he must now deal with another blow from the grave: an unexpected visitor who was everything Greg wanted to avoid.


Cover Illustration by LuckySR

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The Black Sea | Gay Novel

The Black Sea | Gay Novel

by JackInHeels
BL Action Fanfiction LQBTQ+ Fiction Young Adult Adult Romance
Gay Love - Mafia - Crime

After his mother's death, his father lost all reasons why his son shouldn't be a part of his
ruthless and brutal lifestyle, being the founder of the Potenza family "organization" his
father didn't spare him, and after five years of training to be deemed fit as a Potenza,
Elia Potenza runs from his father's grasp. For a few years, his father has sent men to hunt him and bring him back, they didn't care
about any damage caused to Elia, after 4 years of his father's attempts at getting him
back his father suddenly stops, until five years later...
What happens when the reason for his father's change of behavior comes breaking into his
home and threatening Elia's friends, leaving him no choice but to marry him...
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Lost In Your Footsteps

Lost In Your Footsteps

by AllHailTheNut
BL Fiction Adult Romance
There is no safety in faith. No safety in trust. And definitely no safety in being gay. Especially when you've got nowhere to call home. Andrew Davis needs help and doesn't know how to ask. What is Keaton Jones going to do when he discovers more than one truth?
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The Wintering Flame

The Wintering Flame

by Sin
Fantasy BL Action LQBTQ+ Supernatural Adult Romance

For thousands of years, wars and plagues destroyed the continent of Damocles as fae went against fae, all vying for power and dominance of the lands. It was during the last Great War that a Wytch rose up and cursed the world in hopes to stop the fighting; not a single fae would be born until the fighting ended. One fae decided to take it upon himself to search for the maker of the curse and end it; to bring peace and life to the lands he loved so much. When he found the Wytch who cursed the world, he was made to make an offer before such a feat of undoing could be done. She would bless the world with the ability to repopulate but he would forever be tied to her. He would be the first, an Omega she called him, and through his devotion, the world would once more begin to heal.

But with the rise of Alphas and Omegas, a deadly consequence was enacted. The Omega Trade. Hidden in the shadows and known only to those with power and influence, Omegas are sold like possessions to those with money, given lives of slavery. When it was announced that the Prince of the Autumn Kingdom was born an Omega, it didn't take long before the only heir was kidnapped and said to be sold into the Omega Trade. Once more, blame was thrown around, fingers pointed and a war was toeing the line of all Kingdoms.

Phoenix knew this story from the moment he had opened his eyes. Living in the Spring Kingdom his entire life, all the slaves knew the consequences of their gender. He had been born into slavery to a male Omega he hardly remembered. It's his eyes, however, that has people whispering, that has trained him to keep his head down to keep from anyone seeing. It's easy pretending to not exist within the Spring Court, but when an emissary from the Winter Court arrives one afternoon, Phoenix cannot understand the pull to look up at the white haired male. Little did Phoenix know, this was the beginning of the rest of his life.

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