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No Wolves Found

No Wolves Found

by Sabreena
Werewolf Thriller Mystery Fiction Contemporary Supernatural Young Adult Adult Drama Smut Romance
Kenna Davis has been plagued with nightmares since the death of her twin sister. She's even more sure that she will be next. In the coming nights, leading up to a full moon, her dreams are no longer plagued with the heartache of replaying that fateful night. But it's something different, the moon, howls of the beasts. She can't escape her pending fate and thus is captured. Lincoln Jones, he's a self-absorbed young man though his Job as Alpha is his focus, he can't concentrate without having his mate. Unsure of where she could be, he senses the incoming dangers. Tristan Cordell, he's a sensitive man but a fierce warrior. Sensing that something is off, he can't put his finger on it. He and Lincoln are usually one but now have been butting heads with one another. The cause? Their mate.
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Run To Me: Jason Morgan Story

Run To Me: Jason Morgan Story

by Jamilia
Action Adult Drama Smut Romance

A story all about how Jason Morgan fell in love with Amiyah Benson - Carly's long-lost sister no one, but Bobby knew about - after getting out of a relationship with Sam McCall.

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His by Law

His by Law

by - K_K_S_
Fantasy Historical Fiction Adventure Fiction Supernatural Adult Smut

I wasn't ever going to belong to Bodin. 

I wasn't his for the taking!

Bodin Charters had been my friend since we were kids. Painfully shy and uncomfortable in crowds.

I was always the outgoing one. Willing to fight and shout for what I wanted. 

But Bodin wanted something now. 


I had told him he'd not have me countless times over the years. I was waiting for a man who wrote me sonnets and climbed walls to sneak into my chambers.

Bodin would never do any of that. He didn't have an unpredictable bone in his body...
Until he did.

My father was ill and had been for a long time. I didn't know Bodin, who'd inherited the Charter's fortune and property, had persuaded my father to make me his ward upon his deathbed.

Now my father is gone.

And Bodin is stating I can't be his ward because it'd be improper. I must become his wife. 

I won't.

But as his ward, he has law over me. Law where he can make me do things I don't want to do.

And he keeps reminding me, he'll have more sway over me as my husband so I best start learning to obey him.

The devil I will.

Unfortunately, I'm finding Bodin is a far more clever devil then I expected...

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A Drink Before The War (M/M)

A Drink Before The War (M/M)

by avaseofpeonies
Fantasy BL LQBTQ+ Adult Drama Romance Smut

General Sevei is of the firm opinion that Nobles are shady and Alchemists even shadier. Noble Alchemists are the absolute worst. He is not looking forward to partnering with one to guard the border.

Upon their introduction, though, it would seem they have already met... under very intimate circumstances.



This is set in the same world as my novel "Salvage", but they are completely independent stories. You don't have to read one to read the other. (This one is back in medieval times, about 400 years prior to Salvage.)

Just like in Salvage, here you can expect some humor and some angst (and some occasional smut) and a bunch of hot messes just doing their best. Despite the seemingly salacious premise, this is a love story at its heart.

Homophobic society, internalized homophobia and closeting, war veteran ptsd, slavery (mentioned, not depicted), violence/gore, strong language.

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Omega Of Gold

Omega Of Gold

by R O I
Werewolf Fantasy LQBTQ+ Drama Smut Omegaverse Romance

"Rudy I would like to introduce you to the new student Jasper Johnson." The princple tells me he leads his hands towards Jasper who looks at me with a soft smile 

"It's a pleasure to meet you mate."


Rudy is picked out to lead Jasper, a student form the Uk who relocated to the United States because  Bear River Charter School, the "Best School in America,"  but it's a lie. When the both cross paths. They discover that they are mates but unware of each others past and dark secrets that are hidden 

Nothing can possibly go wrong, right?


Inspired by: perfect_angelz1

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