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Wolf and Her Runaway

Wolf and Her Runaway

by Mali
Werewolf LQBTQ+ Romance

As a small Gothic werewolf Annette already has the world against. From her fashion sense to her height not to mention other things. On an equally stressful day Annette was overcome with annoyance at her councils regularly meeting until her mate crashes through her window. 1st book of Aces in the Pack series.

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The Cursed Wolf's Love

The Cursed Wolf's Love

by Light_ray
Werewolf Historical Fiction Mystery Drama Romance

Adolphus Osbourne, the Alpha and the Crown Prince of Arcaria Kingdom, was cursed by a witch while attempting to take the forbidden moon crystal from her. 


The curse forbade him from finding his mate. 


However, when Iris Vinsant crossed his path, he could not stop from getting close to her, irrespective of the consequences that were awaiting her. 


Iris, a human who was abused by her stepmother for 15 years, decided to run away on one dark night. She forgot that going to the dark forest was forbidden for humans and she was captivated by a werewolf. Her life turned upside-down when she was told to serve the werewolves in the palace. 


But fate took a strange turn when she caught the attention of a cold and dark pair of eyes, which were of none other than Adolphus Osbourne.  




Iris' back pressed against the cold wall as Adolphus' tall figure hovered over her. Her petite, small body was caged between his arms. 


"You took time to return, Iris," he uttered. The smell of the wine fell on her nostrils. 

"His Highness is drunk. I shall take my leave," Iris said softly. 


"You are the reason for my drunkard state," Adolphus answered, and their eyes met. 

Flickering her eyelids, she said, "Me?" 


Adolphus nodded. "The way you smiled at my younger brother; the way you handed the drink to him, made me think to kill him," he affirmed, which terrified Iris. 


"I never—" she couldn't complete her words as Adolphus' pointer finger rested on her lips. 


"So, it was my younger brother. Shall I kill him for smiling at my woman?" A smirk appeared on Adolphus' lips as he posed the question before her. 

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One Last Chance

One Last Chance

by LisaJ
Werewolf Fantasy Adventure Young Adult
*This Story Is Co-written*

Werewolves don't have destined mates, the moon goddess does not guide them to their perfect match. Instead they choose, just like a normal human would. Though for those unlucky enough to hold the title of Heir, their choices are limited.

For five soon to be alpha's, they get a choice but it comes with a catch. The 'Alpha's Choice' is held once all Heirs turn 18. All females around their age are brought together to fight for their attention. Literally.

Isa returns from her banishment to France just in time for this gathering and is forced to partake in the choosing. Tossed into a house with other females, tensions rise as each girl has their eye on an Alpha Heir.

Isa doesn't want to be there, she knows her place and it is not beside an Alpha. But she can't help that she wishes Ash would look at her as if she were more than just his friend. 

The two are tossed together in this strange escalade of evolving emotions and questioning feelings. Five Heirs to find their future Luna's but what happens if more than one Heir desires the same girl? 
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by C.N
Werewolf BL Romance

Life is already hard enough for a classic 17-year-old teenager, but when you add werewolves, unrealistic expectations, pressure, constant disappointment and blatant discrimination, it only worsens.

As an omega, Remini's life goal is all set: before he's even twenty he will find a pretty higher rank, mate with him, have his babies and raise them.

Then he will be happy. At least, that's what everyone tells him.

But to him, it does sound very far from his happiness.

Even though, Remini tries to make his life alright by relying on his family's and friends' support and love, but for how long can it last?

Follow Remini, a cheerful but mouthy omega in his journey!

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She Who Bears The Wolf's Mark

She Who Bears The Wolf's Mark

by FeastOfNoise
Werewolf Fiction Romance
In a moment of desperation, a deal was struck between Carly's parents and one of the most powerful packs to ever rule the Evergreen forest that thrusts Carly into a strange world she hadn't known even existed. It is a deal that will change Carly's life forever once she is 18.  
The deal states that on Carly's 18th birthday, the Evergreen Pack will come knocking on her door to claim what's theirs. Her. And until that day, she bears the mark of the Evergreen Pack on her back,  the future Supreme Alpha's mark. 
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