Mature Toggle and Mature Content

What is Mature Content?

Simply put, Ritoria is for all forms of fictional literary work. Regardless of the subject matter of your novel, we wish to support you in spreading your creativity and gaining an audience by offering you a welcoming, exciting place to read and write.

We must, however, be able to classify content that might not be suitable for all viewers such as those who are not of age or prefer not to read mature content. You might wonder what "Mature Content" is. Consider this:

Would you read your book to a class of kindergartners?

If the answer is 'no', then your book should probably be classified as 'Mature Content'.

Per our Content Guidelines, you must mark your book as 'Mature Content' if it contains explicit and sensitive content which includes but is not limited to sexual content, nudity, physical violence, gore, sexual abuse, addiction, eating disorders, suicide and self-harm. As a Ritoria author, it is your responsibility to flag explicit and sensitive content in your work accurately and appropriately. 

How to mark work as Mature Content:

When you publish your work, you will be asked to indicate if the overall content is intended for mature audiences in the Publisher page. You will also be required to specify what makes the contents of each chapter explicit. These details will be visible to readers through tags and warnings.

What is the Mature Toggle?

Once your work is marked as 'Mature Content', only users who have enabled the 'Mature Toggle' will be able to view your work on Ritoria. Users must verify their age to be able to turn on the Mature Toggle. If a user has turned off the Mature Toggle, then work marked as Mature Content will not appear for them in the Spotlight page and Explore page, but it will appear in their Homepage.

The Mature Toggle can be found in the Navigation Bar at the top of Ritoria.

How to identify Mature Content:

Mature Content is marked with an 'M' at the bottom right corner of a book's cover in its info page.

Warning on Failure to Comply with Content Guidelines:

Providing readers with a clear indication of what to expect from your material is critical to both their enjoyment and personal safety. Some readers rely on specific trigger warnings while others need to know if what they’re about to view is NSFW. Failure to provide advance warning to your readers may result in removal of content, or even account suspension and/or deactivation.

If you have any questions about the “Mature Content” flag, or if you’re unsure if your work qualifies, please don’t hesitate to email us at