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[QT] Marrying My Master in Another World

[QT] Marrying My Master in Another World

by K_Jira
Fantasy BL Historical Fiction LQBTQ+ Romance Science Fiction Fiction

Feared by the world for their unrivalled strength, Bai Liang finally lost his beloved master under the 'justice' of the self-proclaimed righteous sects. As he sought blood and revenge, heaven secured him and locked him up before he caused irreparable destruction to his world and caused it to collapse. It was then he was told that his all-powerful master has escaped the abyss of the underworld and scattered his soul to multiple worlds in the lower realm.


But just as he thought that his master could live a carefree life, heaven didn't let him rest. His master who forcefully reincarnated himself to the worlds where he wasn't fated to exist had tangled the thread of fate and created instability in the world's trajectory. To prevent the collapse of these worlds, Bai Liang agreed to help maintain them, determined to let his master enjoy his life until he dies of old age without any regret.


Bai Liang: Let's focus.
Xue 'sword spirit system' Liang: [Yes, Master!]
A certain master: Baby, I'm here~
Bai Liang: Master! °˖✧ \ (///▽///) / ✧˖°
Xue Liang: [Master, stop climbing Grandmaster's bed QAQ!!]

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State of Matter

State of Matter

by AKG
BL Action Romance

Gabriel has been famous since the day he was born. As the youngest son of a top global superhero, the spotlight is blinding. Especially when a series of prolific murders strike their closest friends and allies. The problem? Gabriel's functionally invincible, and only all too willing to take advantage of it if it means putting a stop to the violence.

August Wright's possibly the most powerful Guardian of his generation: he just needs to graduate before anyone else figures that out. He wanted a quiet, responsible life as a mid-ranked hero. Too bad he's been assigned to keep an eye on his polar opposite and the one person most likely to discover his true power: Gabriel Masters.

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Art (Cover/Thumbnails/End of Chapter Graphic) by Natjieo

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