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The Tale of Two Hearts

The Tale of Two Hearts

by Apprehensive_Fly (HIATUS)
Young Adult Romance Contemporary Drama Slice of Life

Romantic tales come from different ages, races, personalities, genders and even across time. But this tale is ordinary. Not too sweet, not too bitter.

After years of forgetting one of the greatest heartbreak she ever experienced as a child, Natascia Greenhill once again discovers her childhood friend Darrel Sasaki through a letter he gave after he left. Following her incomplete heart to find its other pair, she finds herself chasing him in the lands of America. Will love prevail? 

Side note: This is my attempt in writing romance and it sucks ahh.. So if you cringe out just stop reading lmao. I have other books so check the out! I'm kinda confused to this having a lot of reads lol.

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