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Ars Nova

by Kadets64
Fantasy Drama LQBTQ+ Comedy Young Adult

Lotte tried to be the best daughter she could possibly be. Excelling in Sports, Academics, and Demeanour; everything for her parents. Her life was meant to be a good one, but she was far from happy.
With societal expectations and traditional oppressions lingering in every corner, she wished for nothing more than a different life.

Beyond that was Kiur, a young scribe in a world of sand and magic. Confronted by the shadow of a young woman he knew all too well, he’s forced to keep himself together against the dark emotions of his delusions.
Now with the sudden invasion of his homeland, he’s spirited away through the vast desert. Kiur, more than ever, must face the deep abyss of his mind and fight for his life.

Find out what happens when the shaken mind is put to test, met by The Gods of the Great Below and linked to a past better left forgotten.

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Rifter's Covenant

Rifter's Covenant

by Jastra
Vampire Fantasy BL

When the first rifts appeared twenty years ago, life changed drastically for humanity. Fierce battles for survival with foreign beasts became part of everyday life. The people who survived, their first unwilling venture into a rift, came known as “rifters”. Since then, it’s been their job to protect civilians from the rift’s dangers - if they want it or not.

As Duncan and his friends enter another rift as planned, they expected nothing more than a fierce fight to destroy the rift's connector, like many times before. But what lurked in this rift was too much for their group to take. With an enemy that they cannot overcome and all their lives on the line, Duncan receives an offer he cannot refuse. Little did he knew how this covenant would flip his life around. When he realizes what this deal really entails, he starts to wonder if dying would have been the better choice instead. 

Updates with 3 Episodes every Sunday 11:00 am PST. 
Number of scheduled episodes so far: 98 Episodes

Story by Jastra
Cover Art by vivi len

For interested people, here is a discord server available:


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by Breezy
Werewolf Fantasy BL LQBTQ+ Romance Young Adult

I never wanted to be the Luna or the Alpha’s boyfriend. 
I never even wanted to be an omega... 
Not that I’ve ever had the courage to say otherwise. 

When I turn sixteen in one week, everyone fully expects me to mate with my long-term boyfriend, David, and start a family as soon as possible. But what if David isn’t my soulmate? Or... what if... I don’t want him to be, but he is anyways? Don’t I get a choice in any of this? Apparently not, since the one person I would choose is strictly off-limits and not a werewolf at all! 

But just before my sixteenth birthday, my world is flipped upside down. My crush won’t talk to me, my parents insist I learn how to be a proper omega, and a turf war with the local witches’ coven is brewing. But, even if the Moon Goddess and Mother Earth are against me, I’m determined to do whatever it takes to find my own path to happiness. 

**Updates: Every Monday**

**Read ahead on Tapas**

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The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

by histo-shizuka
Adult Drama BL LQBTQ+ Romance

Jaesung didn't expect his end to come at the hands of the one he trusted the most.

To help his grandparents' make ends meet, Jeasung dropped out of high school and joined the mafia. Little did he know he would be signing his life away to their cold-hearted heir, Luca. 

In reality, his troubles were just beginning. As a Korean-Italian in an American mafia group, Jaesung was already considered the lowest of the low. Now with the young heir having put all his attention on him, his simple life was anything but. Add in a new drug on the scene that is slowly killing their members, and life for Jaesung just got a lot harder.

A story about the dark underbelly of the city, with betrayal, murder, romance, and deceit at every corner. 

Will Jaesung fall prey to the devil himself?

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by C.N
Werewolf BL Romance

Life is already hard enough for a classic 17-year-old teenager, but when you add werewolves, unrealistic expectations, pressure, constant disappointment and blatant discrimination, it only worsens.

As an omega, Remini's life goal is all set: before he's even twenty he will find a pretty higher rank, mate with him, have his babies and raise them.

Then he will be happy. At least, that's what everyone tells him.

But to him, it does sound very far from his happiness.

Even though, Remini tries to make his life alright by relying on his family's and friends' support and love, but for how long can it last?

Follow Remini, a cheerful but mouthy omega in his journey!

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What's a Mate?

What's a Mate?

by Sweettooth
Werewolf Fantasy Romance

A pack of werewolves escapes captivity, and finds their way to a human girl's home where they take shelter. The last thing Alpha Kane expects to find when breaking into the empty mansion is that it's actually not empty, and that it is occupied by his Mate. 

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It's Definitely Not All Mary Poppins

It's Definitely Not All Mary Poppins

by writerkid101
Drama LQBTQ+ Slice of Life Young Adult Fiction Contemporary

[A Slice-Of-Life LGBTQ+ Story about the Messiness of Life & Chosen Family]
Matthew Robinson's career as a teacher seemed to have stalled, yet when the winds in the East suddenly lands him in the employ as a nanny, Matthew realizes he's probably signed up for more than he bargained for.


All Matthew's ever wanted is to be a teacher, yet something from his past constantly looms over him, unwilling to let him pursue it. Finally ready to give up, he, to his surprise, lands a job as a nanny for a corporate dad and his two kids.

The house, historic as it may be, is ready to fall apart, which is now his responsibility; one kid is ready and willing to curse him, while the other is a literal ball of sunshine; and his employer is amazingly distant and critical; all of which he didn't remember reading in the job description. Matthew's suddenly very ready to jump ship, yet the longer he stays, the more he realizes they need him just as much as he needs them.

There's no flying umbrella, no carpet-bag, no spoonful of sugar, and no magic here. Oh, how Matthew wishes he had it as easy as Mary Poppins.



All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, the scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without the permission of the publisher is unlawful piracy and theft of the author's intellectual property.

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When Lament Finds Love

When Lament Finds Love

by Oriphyne
Drama Romance Young Adult Fiction

Can you really feel the music? Can we really hear the same sound, and interpret it in different ways? A blind violinist and a writer meets one fateful morning to find out exactly that. What could these two unlikely lovers discover in themselves and in one another?

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Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

by Blue Pheasant
Isekai Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy LitRPG Romance Slice of Life

'This fucking world…sigh…If only I could be isekai'd like those novels.'

A pipe dream. It was impossible in the real world, I knew that. A fiction was just a fiction after all.

But then a new virtual reality game named Chaos brought me hopes. I could finally escape this hell. However, my new life faced another huge obstacle.

'Damn lady luck never smiles upon me...'

Then a time skip happens and finally, my interesting life begins. 😁

Author's Note:

Beware: This story has a slow start. And I like to show character relationships and interactions among them more.

I'm a non-native, and this is my first English novel, therefore my writing pace is still slow and the use of words isn't that good yet.

Also, I might be editing a bit here and there from time to time, which shouldn't affect the story.

I'll be publishing every Sunday and Thursday for now.

If you want to join my discord to communicate with me and my other readers~ https://discord.gg/MNrhCkYp6R

If you want more updates please consider donating at ko-fi.com/bluepheasant. It will get me motivated to force myself to write more.

The characters on the cover were made using:

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The Tale of Two Hearts

The Tale of Two Hearts

by Apprehensive_Fly
Drama Romance Slice of Life Young Adult Contemporary

Romantic tales come from different ages, races, personalities, genders and even across time. But this tale is ordinary. Not too sweet, not too bitter.

After years of forgetting one of the greatest heartbreak she ever experienced as a child, Natascia Greenhill once again discovers her childhood friend Darrel Sasaki through a letter he gave after he left. Following her incomplete heart to find its other pair, she finds herself chasing him in the lands of America. Will love prevail? 

Monday Updates: Exactly 6:20 AM

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She Who Bears The Wolf's Mark

She Who Bears The Wolf's Mark

by FeastOfNoise
Werewolf Romance Fiction
In a moment of desperation, a deal was struck between Carly's parents and one of the most powerful packs to ever rule the Evergreen forest that thrusts Carly into a strange world she hadn't known even existed. It is a deal that will change Carly's life forever once she is 18.  
The deal states that on Carly's 18th birthday, the Evergreen Pack will come knocking on her door to claim what's theirs. Her. And until that day, she bears the mark of the Evergreen Pack on her back,  the future Supreme Alpha's mark. 
Copyright 2023 | All Rights Reserved
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A Maiden's Strange Voyage

A Maiden's Strange Voyage

by midnightmoon
Adventure Historical Fiction Comedy Young Adult Fiction

Chaoyun is a girl who sometimes wondered about the possibility of her finding her own path. Not having her own life be dictated by anyone else, or decided for her the moment she was born. She has always held her own fate by her own hands. 

And wanting to see the world had been her dream. For years she spent it in a town, where people come and go and in hopes of seeking a chance to leave it. A chance to see the country and the world beyond her own town. 

That seems almost impossible, or a fleeting dream. Until one day, where her town receives a visitor. And all sorts of situations start happening to her and she was often at the centre of them. Making it hard for her to not ignore them as it was her own reputation at stake here .

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(BL) Shining Hearts

(BL) Shining Hearts

by nr seventeen
BL Romance Young Adult

The shining started several years ago. If you meet your mate, your hearts start to shine in accord, and you know you are destined to each other. Isn't it romantic? 
For Adam, whose heart suddenly shone in the presence of Logan Douglas, a school bully and his worst nightmare, it is apparently NOT!

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What if?

What if?

by ShinMeiko
BL LQBTQ+ Romance Young Adult Contemporary

It's a story you've read before.
Boy meets boy, and both boys fall in love.

Yes, but what if they were to fall in love no matter what?

A series of short stories about the same characters falling in love over and over again despite different settings and circumstances.

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Lost Godess

Lost Godess

by IdaliaCole
Fantasy Romance

She is the reincarnation of a Greek god's former lover. Did anyone bother to tell her? No... at least not until the god shows up at her door. TW: mild violence, poisoning, overall some toxicity

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Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed

by MidnightStories
Supernatural Adventure Fantasy Action
To be one of the princes of An Domhan Solas meant Caspians life was not his own. A noble born and son to the King of the Day Court, he was constantly under the scrunity of all around him. For the title of Realm Protecter was soon to be passed to a chosen son of the realm, and it was expected to be him. Whether he desired it or not.
Dariyah was a High Born Lady. It was a life she missed and one that was filled with a carelessness she never realised for her path had been clear then. She was a Lady, set to marry a Lord and bare him young Feylings. She had a goal passed to her from her mother, but not since that night. 
Four years ago, Caspian's choice stole a life.
Four years ago, Dari's world changed in a way that threatened the stability of her future.
To protect her youngest sibling, Dariyah stepped into the role of Sentinal that was ripped from her elder brother due to Caspian's actions. She discarded her old duties and became one of his protectors. Sworn to protect the Prince who killed her brother...
Now, thrust into a reality where they are stuck together, both must struggle through the consequences of that faithful night.
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