List of Issues Buying Quills

1. I purchased quills but didn’t receive them. 

Quill purchases are normally delivered instantly. In the unlikely event that this is not the case,  please try the following steps:

  • Close and re-open the Quill Shop in Ritoria to see if your balance refreshes.
  •  Refresh the Ritoria Webpage. If this fails, log out of the Ritoria website and then log back in.
  • If you have been charged, check your emails to see if a bank or Paypal confirmation has been sent from Ritoria.
  •  Review your 'Quill History' on Ritoria by going to ‘Account Settings’ and scrolling down to view your ‘Quill History’ to see if your transaction has come through.
  •  Wait 24 hours to see if the transaction was delayed temporarily, and then try launching Ritoria and checking your balance in the Quill Shop again.

If after 24 hours the sale has been charged but you still have not received your quills, you can contact us or send us an email at with the title “Quills Not Received”. 

2. I used quills. Can they be refunded?

At Ritora, we understand that it can be annoying when you spend your ink on a chapter and come to change your mind. However, we are unable to return quills that were used to unlock Premium Works, even accidentally, as a percentage of the proceeds has already been transferred to the Works' authors.

3. I purchased quills by mistake. Can they be refunded.

If you have purchased quills from our shop by mistake and have not yet used the quills on content on our site, please contact us or email us at