Writer Support System

The support system is an innovative program designed to empower readers to actively support their favorite authors, whereby they gift authors quills. It serves as a direct channel for readers to contribute to the writers whose work they appreciate. This direct form of support provides authors with a tangible means of sustaining their creative endeavors and further fueling their literary pursuits.

The support button automatically appears at the end of every published chapter. The minimum quills requirement is currently 100 quills. You can purchase quills from the Quill Shop at any time. 

To gift quills, click on the 'Support Writer' button at the end of a chapter. A pop-up window appears where you can select the number of quills you'd like to gift. You can also write an optional message for the writer to view (max. 500 characters). Once you're ready, click 'Send'! 

Writers will get a notification letting them know about your generosity! 

To view your support history, head to your Account Settings and scroll down to find 'Quill history'. Writers can view the support they've received in their Dashboard under 'Support'.