Lost Access to Email linked to Account

I lost access to my email address, so I can't change my password. What should I do?

Losing access to your email address can be concerning, especially if you rely on it for various online accounts, including www.ritoria.com. To regain access to your Ritoria account, contact support. Reach out to Ritoria's support team via the contact us page or via our email contact@ritoria.com. Tell us what happened and provide a means of identification for us to make sure it's really you. We'll do our best to give you access to your account. 

If you're unable to access your email address and can't login to Ritoria due to a lost email, contact your email service provider for assistance. Only they can help you regain access to your email, including password resets or reactivating your account. Ritoria isn't able to contact your email provider for you.