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Ritoria's Writer-Friendly Feature: Series

Ritoria's Writer-Friendly Feature: Series

It's always a good idea to identify books that belong to the same series to your readers. 

From your Dashboard, click 'Create Series'.

You'll be taken to a page where you can title your series and add a description to it. Click 'Save' once you've added the necessary information. 

The following message will appear, confirming the sucessful creation of your Series


At the bottom of the page, the 'Books in the Series' tab will appear, allowing you to choose which books to add to the series individually. 

Once you've successfully added a book to a series, it will be identified to readers in your book's 'Info' page in the book as being 'Part of X Series'. Clicking on this button will take you to the 'Series Page', displaying the Series Title, Series Description, and what books are under the series. The option 'Read Now' will take you to the first chapter of the first book. 


You can find your Series in your Dashboard and edit it at any time. 

Note: You must have at least one created work to add it under a series. 

Have you created a series yet?

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