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Welcome to the world of King, Queen, Prince and Princess with a tinge of fantasy elements!!!

I am an avid K-drama and C-drama lover which inspired me to write my own stories. 

Currently studying about Western History and the lives of people in that era.

I have already published my few creations in Webnovel: 
1) Married To The Cruel Crown     Prince
2) Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince

My Forte is Historical genre.

I write historical stories in ancient Chinese history setting and Korean setting. I do slow burns because in my opinion, feelings take time to build. 

I don't write smut so if you want that then my stories aren't for you. I write mostly what I feel historical people felt in that era. 

Please support me by voting for me on my stories and do follow me.

If you want to chat with me related to writing, then follow me on Instagram. 

My Instagram ID: rayoflight_pcy

I'm a die hard EXO-L and a die hard fan of Park Chanyeol. 




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