Readers Beware: Dark and Mature 🔞

Token of Loyalty

Token of Loyalty

by Aiden Outlaw
Fantasy LQBTQ+ Dark Romance

*Book One of the Amor Fati Series* 

Prince Calanthe Ámarent, once the child of a beloved queen regnant and now a disgraced prince, is forced to play a part in a devious scheme that puts his life in the hands of others.


The small kingdom of Eglantine has fallen under the control of the Tarynians: the dreaded conquerors of Gharash. Each kingdom must produce a token of loyalty to give to the Tarynians as a sign of good faith and loyalty. Young Prince Calanthe is chosen by his aunt Queen Hyacinth to be the sacrifice that saves Eglantine from the worst of the Tarynian King's rage. However, nowhere in this plan does Calanthe see himself coming out alive. Hyacinth forces Calanthe to play along to distract the Mad Tarynian King Sindri from the brewing trouble in the East. Calanthe is taken away from his home and back to Taryn where he finds life is not as bleak as he thought. He begins to deconstruct the lies he had been told his entire life and learns to be confident in himself until devastation strikes. Calanthe must make a decision that he has never made before. He must choose between Eglantine or the Tarynians before it is too late, and all hope is lost in Gharash.

[ Content Warning: explicit sexual scenes, intense violence, mentions of abuse and trauma, and vulgar language ]
[ This story covers topics that may be triggering to certain audiences ]

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Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually Assured Destruction

by AalisBlue
Fantasy Historical Fiction Supernatural Young Adult Dark Adventure Apocalyptic Isekai Magic Romance

In a sudden and inexplicable blackout, two girls find themselves plunged into a nightmarish reality beyond comprehension. As fear and confusion grip them, a chilling realisation dawns: their friendship is fractured, torn apart by opposing desires.

Gathered around a flickering torch, the once inseparable duo now confronts each other with wary eyes. Suzanne, driven by a desire to bring about destruction, stands opposite Marie, who clings to the hope of salvation.

Claiming to be their guide in this twisted conflict, a mysterious presence unveils a series of trials that will test their loyalty and resolve. But amidst the trials, a sinister force lurks, feeding on the discord between them.

As the girls navigate through the trials, their bond is strained to its breaking point. Each decision they make brings them closer to either destruction or redemption. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, they must confront their inner demons and reconcile their differences before it's too late.

In a race against time and their own conflicting desires, they must decide whether to save the world or succumb to the allure of destruction. Only one thing is certain: their choices will have consequences that echo through eternity.

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Soul Tied

Soul Tied

by eleanor draven
Action Supernatural Adult Comedy Smut Magic Forced Proximity Romance

I'm Xirasti a pure demon that lives in hell. When I was a child on accident I found an angel trapped in the bottom of a cavern. From the first moment I saw him he was mystical and enchanting. As I grew older he became beautiful and had me enraptured. Then I set him free. Things did not go as expected.

What I do know is:

I almost died for him.
I burned for him.
I bled for him.
I sacrificed for him.
I deceived for him.
I stole for him.
I longed for him.

Then once he is free I do them all over again and again. Because Sam, I'd follow him anywhere. What better reason is there to sacrifice yourself for someone other than love?

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Werewolf Fantasy Mystery Adventure Action LQBTQ+ Fiction Utopic/Dystopic Supernatural Young Adult Adult Dark

Several thousand years ago from present time, (4043) back when the humans existed in this realm, the wolves found out about a new form of technology. 




Slowly, Mindlink had evolved, with the help and grace of the Moon Goddess, when an artificial revolution caused a tremor to all wolfpacks, humans and the entire world. 


A new form of power arose, called Fusion. It was a mindlink with the Mind, Body, and Soul, a transgression into a god type of form, a mixture of both wolves, into one bigger, better faster wolf. 

It is said to encourage mates to become one with another, pleasures so extreme and accompanied with a  sense of completeness that was forever unmatched. But, there was a horrible twist. 


SC4 - 19 was a parasite, that when mates fused together for a long amount of time, it was impossible to revert back into their original selves, sealing them together, until they eventually succumbed to the parasite, losing their minds, bodies and souls, into a messy and thoughtless mixture lost away to time and space, their bodies slowly breaking down. 


Cities that exploded from overpopulation slowly started being taken over by mindless wolves, until it was unsafe for anyone and everyone. That is, until a new city was founded, meant for the few people left unfused, untouched by the parasite. The Great Bang had just commenced. 


Follow the story of Nathan and Joey, two alphas, who tried it out, before the Great Bang was able to take over their lives.. 

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The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

by histo-shizuka
BL LQBTQ+ Adult Drama Romance

Jaesung didn't expect his end to come at the hands of the one he trusted the most.

To help his grandparents' make ends meet, Jeasung dropped out of high school and joined the mafia. Little did he know he would be signing his life away to their cold-hearted heir, Luca. 

In reality, his troubles were just beginning. As a Korean-Italian in an American mafia group, Jaesung was already considered the lowest of the low. Now with the young heir having put all his attention on him, his simple life was anything but. Add in a new drug on the scene that is slowly killing their members, and life for Jaesung just got a lot harder.

A story about the dark underbelly of the city, with betrayal, murder, romance, and deceit at every corner. 

Will Jaesung fall prey to the devil himself?

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