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Crest of the Strongest Knight

Crest of the Strongest Knight

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In the Avalyne Empire, there is only one way to achieve greatness: exhibition matches. Those who possess the power to bestow god-given gifts known as Crests stand tall and proud as nobles, supporting their knights who wade into battle for the sake of glory, victory, and honor. Knights and nobles alike study and train at Avalyne Academy to hone their skills and participate in academy-level matches, all while forming lasting bonds to become fully-fledged pairs.

Among those students is the so-called "strongest knight" Medrauta, yet despite her title, she hasn't managed to win a single match. Instead, she's impressively racked up over two-hundred losses within the course of the very first month. However, when she's faced with the prospect of expulsion due to various circumstances, her life gradually begins to change.

As Medrauta struggles to truly become someone worthy of the title "knight", she gains new friends, hope, and experience.

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