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Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed

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To be one of the princes of An Domhan Solas meant Caspians life was not his own. A noble born and son to the King of the Day Court, he was constantly under the scrunity of all around him. For the title of Realm Protecter was soon to be passed to a chosen son of the realm, and it was expected to be him. Whether he desired it or not.
Dariyah was a High Born Lady. It was a life she missed and one that was filled with a carelessness she never realised for her path had been clear then. She was a Lady, set to marry a Lord and bare him young Feylings. She had a goal passed to her from her mother, but not since that night. 
Four years ago, Caspian's choice stole a life.
Four years ago, Dari's world changed in a way that threatened the stability of her future.
To protect her youngest sibling, Dariyah stepped into the role of Sentinal that was ripped from her elder brother due to Caspian's actions. She discarded her old duties and became one of his protectors. Sworn to protect the Prince who killed her brother...
Now, thrust into a reality where they are stuck together, both must struggle through the consequences of that faithful night.

12 chapters
The Truth Behind The Lies (2022 Edition)

The Truth Behind The Lies (2022 Edition)

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Rima Hatake, daughter to a worldly famous copy-cat ninja, didn’t have your average childhood. Though comparing hers to others her age, it wasn’t so horrible. Despite being cast away for seven years from her home village to train with companions of her mother, she has managed to exceed with a semi normal life.

On the anniversary of her mothers death, Rima is now summoned back to Konoha by the Hokage to reunite with her estranged father and join a Genin team. 

Soon Rima is going to be wishing her only troubles were dealing with Bee-sama’s disastrous raps and not the drama that follows a certain team 7.

Welcome back to the dysfunctional life of Rima Hatake :)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto, only the characters I have created.

1 chapters