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The Black Sea | Gay Novel

The Black Sea | Gay Novel

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Gay Love - Mafia - Crime

After his mother's death, his father lost all reasons why his son shouldn't be a part of his
ruthless and brutal lifestyle, being the founder of the Potenza family "organization" his
father didn't spare him, and after five years of training to be deemed fit as a Potenza,
Elia Potenza runs from his father's grasp. For a few years, his father has sent men to hunt him and bring him back, they didn't care
about any damage caused to Elia, after 4 years of his father's attempts at getting him
back his father suddenly stops, until five years later...
What happens when the reason for his father's change of behavior comes breaking into his
home and threatening Elia's friends, leaving him no choice but to marry him...

10 chapters