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In the Arms of an Assassin

In the Arms of an Assassin

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When Patricia Doyle goes to perform emergency surgery off-hospital, the last thing she expects is to find herself married to a world-renowned assassin by the end of the working day. 

Patricia Doyle is obsessed with doing good. She's determined to prove to herself and the world that even the smallest good deeds make a difference, and it is her biggest motivation to become a surgeon. So when she's called to the scene of an accident to perform emergency procedure, she doesn't question it. But as soon as she hops in the ambulance, she begins to realize something is very off about the drop-dead gorgeous paramedic accompanying her. Except now it's too late.

As far as the FBI is concerned, the assassin known as Drake 'Manhunter' Sullivan is one of the deadliest hitmen to ever grace the Top Ten Wanted list. Known for his ungodly stealth, his astronomical rates, and his terrifying kill count, Drake has a reputation to uphold. But when things go wrong in a job, and a target who is needed to spill valuable information gets injured, Drake has no choice but to find a good doctor to keep him alive long enough to extract the information. Except the doctor he picks up from the hospital turns out to be the wrong one, and now he has no choice but to dispose of Patricia Doyle once the job is done. 

Either that, or he can marry her. After all, the Sullivans don't touch family.

Sarah J.
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