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The Unusual Shepherd - Progression Fantasy/Monster Tamer

The Unusual Shepherd - Progression Fantasy/Monster Tamer

  • Fantasy
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  • Isekai
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  • Utopic/Dystopic

Seth is isekai'd into a world of Chaos and Order. Blessed with the Blood mage and Shepherd Class in his first day, he's soon swept into a prophecy to lead the Satyrs to new pastures. As leader of the race he must protect them from beasts, Daemons and worst of all, his fellow Man. Hunters, Slaver and drug addicts wish only to take his tribe and profit from their suffering. 
The path is never simple and a betrayal from their appointed Voice put his flock in chains and destined for slave markets, drug dens and brothels.
Rage and Chaotic Will burn through his veins as a quest of vengenece carries him across Silva's woods to the human settlements. Their Gods and Heros shall drown in the blood he leaves in his wake.

'The Unusual Shepherd' is a gorey ferocious struggle through a sadistic fantasy world. Light on the stats, slow burn progression with a three book story arc planned out.

This is my first time writing so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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