Cielo's Works

Under the Glistening Moon

Under the Glistening Moon

  • Historical Fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance

Michelle was a hopeless romantic, who couldn’t give out her heart away despite being lonely. Light shines her way when Felix comes her way. Everything was going well, until, Felix was sent to war.

1 chapters
Rhythm of Blood and Flesh

Rhythm of Blood and Flesh

  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Adventure
  • Utopic/Dystopic
  • Supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Action

From Apprehensive_Fly and Cielo, presenting Cirque of the Damned Series Book I 

A New Thrilling Tale of Bloodshed and Sisterhood, Rhythm of Blood and Flesh.

Rhythm Is part of our soul, it creates us, and we feel it, right below the flesh of our very skin.

In this world, dance and music are one with the humans, they have become our power. But corruption formed this sick Circus, creating creatures of false rhythm and unity, which made humans fall to their knees for the Circus Man. But as years pass, the power is coming back, and one of these human coming to hope is Lyra and Myra, the hoop dancers of the Circus. In order to return everything back to normal, the twins must escape the tower of Irrhythmic Melody and trace back the past of their humanity. 


0 chapters