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Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings

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Caspian Buckdale's welcome home party consisted of endless drinks at the Fontane Fairy strip club, where he set his eyes upon Fontaine's finest fairy, Zaven Paster. Zaven was way too pretty to be a boy as he danced across the stage. Caspian knew, he had to be his, no matter what. Even when Zaven had a crazy possessive girlfriend at his side, and even if Zaven isn't even gay... or is he?! Will Caspian succeed in seducing his little fairy? at what cost?....


Zaven was bullied at a young face for his abnormally pretty and rather feminine face. Now, putting his past behind him, he puts his pretty face to good use at Fontane's dance club as their finest fairy. No longer haunted by the traumas of his past, he enters a new stage of life where he begins to question his sexuality. Will he be able to depart from his crazy obsessive girlfriend, to be true to his feelings? Where does Caspian Buckdale, his new pursuer, come into the mix? Is his ex girlfriend or his first new boy crush more dangerous?...

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