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Oh No! My Fiancé and I Reincarnated 7 Times and She Became a Voyeuristic Pervert!

Oh No! My Fiancé and I Reincarnated 7 Times and She Became a Voyeuristic Pervert!

  • Smut
  • Adult
  • Isekai
  • Fiction
  • Harem

This story follows Kevin and Robin as they reincarnate together through seven different universes as a task to save the multiverse from a being that has become too powerful. To do that, they need to have sexual experiences with women to gather energy to improve their compatibility through each reincarnation. Strange rules and restrictions apply as they live out each life trying to accomplish that goal.

R-18+ Only

Content Warning: Yuri, futanari, monsters, and incest will all be in somewhere in this story. There are very graphic sexual descriptions as well. NETORARE and NETORASE TOO!

Reading Suggestion:  As the author I suggest reading this without getting too attached to any of the characters. See it as more of a train wreck of bad personalities that mesh into many insane events.

No Editor: I didn't thoroughly proof read this, if there are errors you caught you can send me a message for correction and I'll thank readers in advance for that.

Author's Note: There is no need to support this story as I'm writing to vent and for the few people who are interested in reading. If you send quills my way it'll only be used to hire artists on Ritoria for artwork when there are enough of them. Thank you for taking a look at my story. 

For those coming from another site: The first new Chapter that was never uploaded anywhere else is chapter 52 here.

Series has been resumed, but very slowly.

221 chapters