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Dolly Grand

Dolly Grand

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★☆ Hello and welcome to my world! ☆★
I'm Dolly Grand, and I write mostly gay
romance and urban fantasy.

I love writing everything from cute
teenagers to twisted gangsters and
vampires. I have several books about
mental health issues, and I absolutely
adore urban fantasy <3 Every story has
a sprinkle of romance in them, no
matter the theme!

I also write Erotica on Patreon ;)


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Can you post some of that erotica please? :3
11/14/2023 13:41

You can read a sample of my erotica on my Ream :3 The rest are sadly for my subscribers only, but here's the sample:

11/20/2023 16:14
@Dolly Grand


11/25/2023 14:38
Update soon plz! <3
08/31/2023 17:05
Do you have an uploading schedule? Thanks!
07/21/2023 22:09

I do hope to get two chapters up per week, maybe even more since this is just an editing job (the whole story is complete already with 49 chapters) but sometimes life gets in the way =') you can check my website for more stories and see where you can read the full, first draft version of Acceptance =)

08/01/2023 18:50
Really love your book! Keep up the good work :)
06/28/2023 20:43

Thank you!

08/01/2023 18:49