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I am an aspiring, ugly and poor fiction writer who loves arts, literature and anime from the Philippines.

Head-up folks, I aim to write to have a decent (LOL) life in the near future. I also plan to earn and achieve my pending dreams from my two stories. I have enough with people underestimating me, though that will be fun. 

I DO NOT TOLERATE MEDIOCRITY & PLAGARISM so, please do not even try to cross the line. (P.S. For interested collaborators, please email me at <>for more details. Thank you.)

Cover Picture courtesy of: Miss. Jarey Almoguerra. 


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Would you like to read something 'different'? WAY different from those mediocre ones you had encounter in any reading website?

Do not fret, as I, Ms. Author, introduce you to my Series: 'Tales of the Demon Hero'

Book I. Synopsis:

A Kingdom in distress relies on the wisdom of an old ‘Book’ alongside with their ‘Imperial Princess’, and her chosen candidate, the ‘Demon Witch’. This is the story on how one of these ‘Demons’ became as their ‘Imperial Hero and Ruler’… in strange way.

(P.S. I'm back! It took me months to redo everything. BOOK II is out too. Thank you.)

You might found these a little - NO! A lot strange for you, Reader, but I highly appreciate any reviews/reactions/comments for these stories. Thank you.

11/06/2022 02:35