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Who is PumpkinEwe?

I am an author who likes to write adult-oriented content. My works are a hobby for me and I love talking to my readers about my novels! No comment will be left unanswered! I hope to make friends with you all soon!


I write in a variety of genres but my favorites are romance! These romances can revolve around BL, GL, or even just queer romance in general! It's very rare that my novels aren't queer in someway being a pansexual author myself! More importantly, I love writing in the fantasy setting and hope to branch out to some more modern and/or futuristic settings!

Current novel?

My current novel is Romance of the Cursed Knight! Right now it is my baby and my passion project but I have many novel ideas ready! I hope to write them all soon!


Next week will be the posting of the Tapas and ao3/SH Arc 1 Q&A. If you have any questions make sure you ask them so I can make a Ritoria Q&A as well.
05/19/2023 01:30

What type of Q&A?

06/12/2023 20:46

Q&A as in an author Q&A. If you have question pertaining to the story. Some people on other platforms asked stuff like how I came up with the characters! You can ask questions that are plot-relevant as well. If it has a spoiler, my answer will be vague so as not to ruin the surprise. If you look at the other Q&As I have posted here (Tapas & Ao3/SH) you will have an idea of what others have asked.

06/13/2023 03:15
THE LAUNCH HAS BEEN FIXED. Not in the way I want but I hope enjoy it!
05/17/2023 03:56
So my launch was not successful please wait as I try to fix it.
05/17/2023 03:48

Hello! Thank you for joining Ritoria! If you've encountered any problems while uploading your book, please let us know so we can attempt to fix the issue and prevent future mishaps! :)

05/17/2023 17:58
Ritoria, here we goooo~!
05/17/2023 03:10

Good to see you joining the fun here!

05/17/2023 03:24