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Happy Halloween!
11/02/2023 20:29
chapter out now! ^.^
10/29/2023 01:21
Chapter published. I know it's a very slow story so far, but I'm trying not to make the story too fast, or else it won't be entertaining and there will be no build up! It'll happen soon don't worry.
08/25/2023 22:46
Love your book! update soon please!
07/21/2023 22:55
@Hey... You.

Hello sorry! Only just seen this. I will update soon don't worry. ^.^

08/01/2023 01:28
Hey... You.


08/17/2023 22:58
TWO chapters of Haunted has been released. Only small chapters, but still 2 chapters!
07/02/2023 23:31

Thank you! Also who's that hot lady in your dp?

07/03/2023 15:24

Honestly not sure. I saw this photo and I'm a blonde in real life so thought it looked like me, lol.

07/04/2023 09:44
Hey... You.

It reminds me of Cat Woman from Spiderman animation. might be wrong tho

07/21/2023 22:55