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past expiration date. gay af. writing omegaverse
military men. multiplatform disaster. erotica author.

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Ream news! Since we are celebrating reaching my goal of 50 subscribers on Ream, I've opened a new, semi-monthly perk for those who are throwing money at me <3 These are Shaded Harem erotic short stories with alternative pairings from my books! ;)There are now two of these stories up, the first one, Domination, is starring Captain Hale and Reid, and the second one, Trust, is starring our Riley with Captain Hale ;) You can find my Ream here: (link is up in my bio!) Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me on Ream, but especially here by reading my stories <3 All of you are very good boys--I mean readers <3
11/26/2023 15:55
Ream related news! I have now uploaded a new story on Ream, The Rise of the Warbringers, which is actually a Tapas Premium book (you have to buy ink to read it on their platform). It's completed, and I wrote it together with my good friend, Eden Y! The story is about a pretty mermaid, a state-of-the-art android, a sick vampire, and a werewolf warrior, who are trying to save their beloved city from an evil naga overlord, who happens to be the mermaids father, with romance on the side ;) I hope you like it! The first 5 chapters are a free sample in case you want to check it out but don't have VIP pass yet =) And in another news, the third book in my The Mouse and The Wolf series I'm writing as Dolly Grand, At the End of Nightfall, is also up on Ream! As an early access perk, Ream subscribers will get to read the story 3 chapters ahead at all times (all these chapter are already up on Ream!) And lastly, we are already at 40 subscribers on Ream, which means we only need 10 more people and I'll start posting monthly The Harem smut short stories :3 There is one already up, starring Captain Hale and Reid having very dominant smutty ;) The next shortie will most likely star Captain with Riley ;) (These shorties are not part of the actual book, but are basically my own smut fanfiction of the characters with different pairings and situations) You can find my Ream here:
10/23/2023 14:43
Hey Shade. Trouble is the next book to read in the series after Baby Boy? I read Baby Boy already and want to know what to read next. If yes, I recommend using the Series option on here. It's honestly great and it makes it easier for readers to follow along. Just a suggestion :)
10/10/2023 19:59

Hello! Yes, Trouble is the next book in the "series" =) They can be read as standalones too, so I wasn't sure if I should use the series option, but maybe it would make sense, so thanks for reminding me of it =D

10/10/2023 20:53
Baby Boy's Weekend Vacation bonus story is now finished on Ream! It took longer than should've because I just had to get one shady soldiers chapter out of the way as well :3 I'll update Shaded Soldiers this weekend (I'm assuming the next chapter will have 2 bonus chapters for Ream subscribers so it takes longer to write) and *then* I'll finish Reid's background story and *then* I'll proceed with updates normally =') Here's my Ream: it's $6/a month and has a lot of goodies from my both pen names, this, and Dolly Grand, and more to come!
10/05/2023 07:58
All right! My Ream is up and running :3 I have uploaded all the stories and the bonus content I had for them up on Ream, and I also updated Baby Boy Weekend Vacation last night, and the chapter got steamy ;) I will try to finish that bonus story this weekend since I'm assuming I can do it in 2 chapters. After that I'll finish Reid's background story and I'm assuming I can do that in 2 chapters too. After that, I'll continue updating Shaded Soldiers and Trouble as normally as possible! I still need to upload my Dolly Grand patreon exclusives on Ream, but I'll do that at a slower pace since I have one massive BDSM book (college student stud meets a kinky millioraire) and some erotic short stories. I'll also upload some of my free content and post it for free up there too. All of this will have a fixed 6 dollar tier price, called VIP Pass, since I couldn't really offer much for the original tiers 1 and 3, so I bundled it all up. Goals stays the same! 50 VIP Pass members, and I'll start posting Shaded Harem short erotic stories, starring the characters from my Shaded Universe, but mixing up the partners in an alternative universe fashion ;) 300 VIP Pass members, and I'll start creating and posting an omegaverse themed comic, starring a lonely alpha who moves out of a big city destroyed by True Order, and finds a cute omega cashier way up north in a mountain village :3 Oh, and here's the link!
09/30/2023 07:14
Allllrighty, new plan then! Patreon got back to me and what I understood, while they are not giving my account back, they are willing to let me make a new one. But two small issues =') I have to wait for a few months, and if I understood correctly, it has to be a new "project", so I'm guessing this means I can't remake my old one, it has to be completely new? As in I can't post my stories there? They'll also have to approve it, and if I go ahead and make one that is not approved by them, they'll take it down. Anyway, I was already kinda set with using Ream instead since they seem to have cool features and will be adding new features in the future as well =D It is created and maintained by authors for authors, and while reading experience is currently a little weird (they have indents *and* separated paragraphs which makes it a little chaotic, though they are planning on fixing this) overall it is much easier to use for reading. No more messing with links or searching for chapters! I already created a page there, but it will require a bit of work for me to get stories uploaded, so I don't think I'll be updating anything until that's done. There are also a few changes I decided to make, and I do hope these are positive changes for you guys! 1. I will only have 1 tier which costs 6 dollars a month, and includes absolutely everything. Early Access, Bonus chapters, the background stories, the bonus stories, the future smut collection, even the comic if they'll make images in chapters possible in the future! 2. I will also upload some, if not all, my paid exclusive stories from my other pen name to that same account as well as a bonus! they're not omegaverse, but they are sexy gay stories ;) I can drop the link to the profile now, but it is not going to be fully set up in a week or two since I want to finish Baby Boy extra story and Reid's background story while I'm at it so people get to binge them :3 (and I need new covers)
09/28/2023 06:10

Maybe suggest to ritoria that the button also be for ream or other similar platforms?

11/25/2023 14:44

That's a good idea yeah!

11/25/2023 18:38
I'm not having a very good morning... Patreon deleted my account, and I take full responsibility, I now see that one Riley chapter with Stoll was violating the guidelines, which was not my intention. I should've worded it more carefully. I've asked them if I could still get the account back and make sure it follows the guidelines, but the term, zero policy, was used so I don't feel too lucky. I'll keep you guys updated, and I'm really sorry if you've lost your money because of this ='(
09/23/2023 06:49

I'm sorry, I hope they agree to give it back to you. Otherwise you can try Ko-fi.

09/24/2023 20:59

Really sorry about that. Hope it works out.

09/25/2023 22:04
Hello! If you've visited my Patreon, you may have noticed me talking about creating short comics as a new perk once we reach 300 patrons. Well that idea grew a bit =') Instead of short 3-4 page comics, I want to create something bigger. So I challenged myself to create an actual comic and post it on my Patreon! The idea I have is set in the same universe with the rest of my stories, though it's not tied to them, and the plot will be quite simple: a lonely young alpha has a really rough life in a big city, so he decides to pack his bag and move up to the mountains, where he will meet this very kid sheriff, and a cute omega cashier who already has some alpha problems ;) I will also try to find a way to draw their second spirits, maybe as fantastical animal forms hanging around at their feet? Currently I believe I can keep it around 100 pages, and I have a good plan from start to finish but there is a small problem: I don't actually know much about drawing xD So! I decided to start learning now while there's still plenty of time before we reach 300 patrons, and I made an Instagram account where I'll be posting pretty much everything I'll draw, starting from redrawing the main character over and over again just to get the hang of it. If you want to follow my progress, here's the link: Let's see how this goes!
08/25/2023 08:29

That sounds amazing!

09/09/2023 21:21
I have posted the first chapter of the bonus story of Baby Boy exclusively for my Patrons! It is on Tier 1 so $3.50 a month, and you get a few more goodies if you subscribe to this tier :) This bonus story won't sadly be published on free platforms because I kinda need to give paying readers some perks, and because if the story gets too spicy, I don't want to censor anything to fit the rules here :') You can read it here: (link to my patreon in my profile)
07/26/2023 23:10
Love the new cover! Must say caught me off guard
07/15/2023 21:43

Thank you! I figured the original didn't have enough abs lmao (jk jk) this one fits better with the other covers :3

07/15/2023 22:08
Sarah J.

Lol I agree

07/16/2023 19:22
The story of how Nico Angelos joined Captain Hale's team is now up on Patreon for $9.50! Yes, it is quite pricey, but you get to read all 10 chapters of the story right away, plus you get *all* the goodies I have posted on patreon, including early access to Trouble, several bonus chapters for Shaded Soldiers, a couple of chapters of pure smut, and my nsfw art :3 This story gave me the inspiration to write Baby Boy, and has similar themes, and if you didn't yet notice, these two are the Captain and his Bloodhound that visited Michael and his Baby Boy :3 The story: Broken Angel Nico Angelos joins the team and Captain Hale quickly realizes this boy has gone through horrible torture in his past. Unable to eat, and too quick to submit, this little angel may end up dead if Captain Hale can't help him overcome his fears. And where to read it:
07/05/2023 09:40
The next Shaded Allies story, Trouble, has launched on Patreon! Patreon subscribers get to be one chapter ahead of the free platforms, and with the starting price of $3.50/a month, you can be one of them! This also gives you access to Shaded Soldiers goodies, such as Riley's uncensored chapters on tier 1, additional povs on tier 2, and novelettes about the other team members on tier 3 that will launch this month! I also have a lot more planned for my patreon, such as the short bonus story of Michael and Baby Boy, smutty short stories when we reach 50 subscribers, and short comics and more art when we reach 300 subscribers! By being my subscriber, you're not only getting more content to read, you're also buying me more time to focus on these stories <3 Interested? Come have a look: (wow I made this sound like a cheap TV commercial...)
07/03/2023 19:18
Here's a twitter thread with a collection of snippets from my smutty little fic, Domination (it's hot. clickable link to my twitter in my bio)
06/14/2023 19:57
Here's my important links: Twitter: I will post all my announcements, updates, news, snippets and occasional art on Twitter. I recommend saving my handle somewhere in case something unexpected happens to me, my stories, or profile. This is the place to go to learn what's going on. Patreon: By becoming my supporter on Patreon, you get access to much, much more content, including all the smut I won't post here. Also, if we reach my goal of 300 subscribers, I can also start posting short scenes from Shaded Soldiers as 2-4 page comics as a new perk on Patreon. I'll keep posting other important links in the comment section below, so please don't comment on this specific thread to keep things easily accessible for everyone, thank you <3
06/02/2023 10:35

Erotic one shot, Domination [Hale x Reid] FREE on Patreon:

06/02/2023 17:19