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Just a writer doing writer things :) 


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hello to anyone who has read my novel and enjoyed themselves! I'm deciding to strictly post on from now on! My life is going to start getting busier and I feel as if I will not be able to keep up with uploading all of my updates and chapters on two places at once while also trying to juggle life. I really hope that you all still decide to read my novel there! I really like this website but for now tapas is where I shall stay. I have a few updates about everything and a recent upload involving slight character descriptions with picrews (where an artist creates a template with different options to make different characters.) So if you are interested in reading and seeing those then feel free to subscribe to me on tapas at or on my twitter at Ill miss you all and thank you!!!
08/03/2022 02:36

Hope you decide to come back.

07/03/2023 16:48
I haven't actually said anything here yet, but I do want to say thank you to all of the people who have been reading so far and enjoying what I've written so far! It makes me extremely happy to see you all liking and commenting when you're done with the sections! I look forward to uploading every week thanks to you <3
07/17/2022 04:13