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Leveret Moreau

Leveret Moreau

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Call me Lev, less letters. I don't concern myself with pronouns, so use whatever. I'm a twenty-something dog groomer by day, avid reader and writer by night, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) is how I stay sane.

I strive for regular updates, though life occasionally gets in the way. I love and appreciate everybody who follows my stories despite that!

If you're looking for extra ways to support, please check out patreon, where I offer a variety of rewards for different budgets- and where you'll also soon be able to find my newest collab with another Tapas creator.

Any questions about comic collabs, translations, or other business ventures can be sent to


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'Double or Nothing' is now caught up with Tapas! Though it's been on unofficial hiatus, due to my mental health, I hope to have new episodes ready soon!
05/30/2022 19:36
@Leveret Moreau

I wish you a speedy recovery.

07/07/2022 18:00