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This is a rabbit hole of my dark fantasies. Jump in at your own risk. 😉

Patreon page:

I'm an LGBTQ writer who lives in the woods, works a stressful, unstable, underpaid artist day job, and tries to find my sanctuary in various different worlds at night. My stories are usually mature, intense, dark, angsty but with a happy ending, and my writing genres range across fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, and horror.

If you like my works and want to support me, please vote, comment and recommend my stories so that one day, maybe, just maybe, I can go full-time writing 😂. Much, much appreciated! 

Instagram handle: anuncannyrabbit


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Love Toxic Consort already from the description!
04/15/2024 17:27
Hey author, do you have a Patreon?
04/08/2024 13:38

Hi dear, yes I have one, I believe I posted the link in my profile. I usually will post some full version chapters from the main storyline, which are free content, and then for paid members, I offer some bonus chapters that are outside of the main storyline :)

04/08/2024 17:34

Heads up the link isn't working. :)

04/10/2024 12:47

Also I recommend posting the Patreon link under every chapter since that's a feature available here

04/10/2024 12:48

ahh ok ok, I will add the link in and check the link in my profile :), thank you for letting me know!

04/10/2024 16:51
Oh I've jumped down your hole and now I'm forever stuck.
04/08/2024 13:07

Hahahaha welcome to my cozy little abysmal rabbit hole XD

04/08/2024 17:32