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Hello everyone. I am a Jastra, a German writer who decided to take up the challenge to write in a foreign language. Writing is my passion. I probably live more to write than I actually write to live, if I am completely honest. It comes to me as natural and necessary as breathing.
Sadly, I don't have the opportunity to create my main income from this type of stories yet. Otherwise, I'd focus with far more time on the creation of my series, but life wants to be paid as well.

My favorites genres include Fantasy, Horror and BL. I hope you'll come to like my work. If you do, please recommend me to your friends. If you can afford it, every single tip to support me will be greatly appreciated!

Apart from writing, I spent most of my time with my two Siberian huskies.




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Are you coming back?

03/05/2023 19:31

Love Rifter's Covenant!

06/13/2022 15:15

I absolutely love your book cover, and I love your book too! Glad I found it, and I'm glad there are so many chapters to binge read on!

06/04/2022 01:56