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Rifter's Covenant

Rifter's Covenant

  • Fantasy
  • Vampire
  • BL

When the first rifts appeared twenty years ago, life changed drastically for humanity. Fierce battles for survival with foreign beasts became part of everyday life. The people who survived, their first unwilling venture into a rift, came known as “rifters”. Since then, it’s been their job to protect civilians from the rift’s dangers - if they want it or not.

As Duncan and his friends enter another rift as planned, they expected nothing more than a fierce fight to destroy the rift's connector, like many times before. But what lurked in this rift was too much for their group to take. With an enemy that they cannot overcome and all their lives on the line, Duncan receives an offer he cannot refuse. Little did he knew how this covenant would flip his life around. When he realizes what this deal really entails, he starts to wonder if dying would have been the better choice instead. 

Updates with 3 Episodes every Sunday 11:00 am PST. 
Number of scheduled episodes so far: 98 Episodes

Story by Jastra
Cover Art by vivi len

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106 chapters