Assassins and Rogues 🥀

The Barbarian & The Rogue

The Barbarian & The Rogue

by eleanor draven
Fantasy Adventure Adult Comedy Smut Forced Proximity Romance

"Right now you're saying those things. Because I'm your flavor of the moment. Cookies and Cream for instance." Megan says her blue eyes piercing his. "What if I said cookies and cream is my favorite flavor?" Gavin trails his thumb over her bottom lip. "And I would really love to taste your cream." He says while leaning in and whispering breathily into her ear. 

What happens when a woman slighted is forced to work, live and join the same role-playing game of the asshole who caused the problem? Megan is a woman of no emotions. She keeps it all locked up inside. That's until Gavin brings out the best and worst in her. Gavin is constantly causing her strife with his accident-prone nature. As well as pissing her off because he hurt her and he's continuing to pursue her anyway. Gavin is a guy who's a bit of a man whore and a fuck up. He fucked up with Megan and he just wants to fix it.  Things escalate and it affects their roleplaying game where they are constantly trying to kill each other's characters. How long can Megan stay mad at Gavin? And How long until Gavin gets Megan? Will the raging barbarian win? Or the devilishly handsome rogue?

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AKM: Automated Killing Machines

AKM: Automated Killing Machines

by Other Slater
Action Apocalyptic Utopic/Dystopic
Future problems need future solutions.
With the world in shambles, Japan's cities slowly rebuild into the cyber paradise only a scumbag would love.
These scumbags are a gang responsible for multiple crimes and deaths. 
Combined with a power-hungry Yakuza queen who hates to lose with a sentient android also called an AKM. 
That's the Tokneo I know and love.
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The Becoming of an Assassin

The Becoming of an Assassin

by Dark_Moon_Goddess
Thriller BL Mystery Adventure Action LQBTQ+ Fiction Young Adult Comedy Drama Slice of Life Romance

Are you an avid book reader, and do you have some time to enrich your reading experiences?

Let this book, Adrian's thriller, suspenseful, full of action and adventure story, ease your evenings.

Adrian Jackson, 15, just graduated and has been far from ordinary life. His grandfather, a trained assassin, trained him-assassination and hacking skills to protect him from the cruel world. When he dies, Adrian finds himself alone, vulnerable, and exposed. One day he gets involved in a deadly fight that would change his life for good. Ido and Tomas, members of the special attack force of their gang spotted his skills and facilitated his recruitment into the special force by recommending him to the gang leader.

In this thriller, rising action, suspense story, you get a glimpse of the cruel world out there-betrayal, hacking, and killings that hardened Adrian into the ultimate weapon of the world of crime.

So, whether you want a pass time or to enjoy a fascinating read, this is your book! Join Adrian as he courageously navigates the underworld of crime, skillfully using his brain to take down whoever stands in his way.

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The Rogue Alpha

The Rogue Alpha

by Emma Louise

Cover by Rachel Rae


Abigail Lionhert isn't the pretiest or the most desired wolf, but she's shy and content with her body, but not everyone sees her the way she does. 

Girls hate her for being her and bully her. Guys treat her like shit. So imagine when you find out your mate is none other than the most doated on boy in your pack, the bad boy Christian Cole. Betta to Tyrone Shane the Alpha of the Great Moon Pack. 

Your Bully.

You reject him and you run like fuck.

Only one problem the asshole has marked you, you run and reject him and seather all ties to The Great Moon Pack and run into unknown territory, a territory full of rogues. Their alpha takes a liking to you and agrees to help you stop the pain you feel every time he is inter-mate with another wolf.

 You agree thinking nothing of it but to get rid of the pain. But, little do you know who he is until he introduces himself as Logan Black Heart King of the Rogues and you are now his queen. 

What will you do now? Run again or face facts this rogue has taken you as his and stick around for the war that is about to begin?


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In the Arms of an Assassin

In the Arms of an Assassin

by Sarah J.
Thriller Fiction Contemporary Adult Romance

When Patricia Doyle goes to perform emergency surgery off-hospital, the last thing she expects is to find herself married to a world-renowned assassin by the end of the working day. 

Patricia Doyle is obsessed with doing good. She's determined to prove to herself and the world that even the smallest good deeds make a difference, and it is her biggest motivation to become a surgeon. So when she's called to the scene of an accident to perform emergency procedure, she doesn't question it. But as soon as she hops in the ambulance, she begins to realize something is very off about the drop-dead gorgeous paramedic accompanying her. Except now it's too late.

As far as the FBI is concerned, the assassin known as Drake 'Manhunter' Sullivan is one of the deadliest hitmen to ever grace the Top Ten Wanted list. Known for his ungodly stealth, his astronomical rates, and his terrifying kill count, Drake has a reputation to uphold. But when things go wrong in a job, and a target who is needed to spill valuable information gets injured, Drake has no choice but to find a good doctor to keep him alive long enough to extract the information. Except the doctor he picks up from the hospital turns out to be the wrong one, and now he has no choice but to dispose of Patricia Doyle once the job is done. 

Either that, or he can marry her. After all, the Sullivans don't touch family.

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