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Coiled in Lies [Re-writing/editing]

Coiled in Lies [Re-writing/editing]

  • LQBTQ+
  • Supernatural
  • Mystery
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Horror

A human begrudgingly joins forces with a mysterious shifter to protect his younger siblings from the vicious creatures that would harm them. 


Monty the python + Tory asleep in bed = nightmare fuel. Coyote shifters breaking into their house and a rescuer wearing Tory's bathrobe and his bed sheet around his waist? Officially the worst night ever. With no choice but to work with their mysterious rescuer - anything to get back to his family's danger-free life - all the while putting up with the shifter's infuriating nature and his teenage brother's matchmaking.

Yosef vowed to protect Justin's children. Simple. Had Salvatore not been the most stubborn human he ever encountered. As if maintaining some form of professionalism hadn't been a struggle enough, Yosef fails horribly after Tory saves him. Intense emotions conflict with his vow, his own insecurities and the nagging fears that won't shut it and leave him be. Literally. 

Will the pair of them be able to work together to unravel Justin's disappearance while fending off the shifters hired to stop them or will they be torn apart in the process?


~ Dual POV ~


*Rated Mature for - Mental health topics, violence, gore, and strong language*

27 chapters
A Mage's Fall

A Mage's Fall

  • Fantasy
  • LQBTQ+
  • Romance
  • Historical Fiction

About to be disowned by his family, a painfully average thread mage attempts to earn his family's respect - and the freedom to continue teaching his apprentices - by traveling to pirate infested isles in response to a glass mage's distress call. 

At least that had been the plan until their ships are sunk in a storm. 

Pulled out of the sea by a shameless flirt of a merman who insists on watching his back, Mage Adonis questions whether or not earning his family's respect is the right path to freedom. 

10 chapters