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Did you delete Coiled in Lies? :(
12/23/2023 20:54

For the time being, Coiled in Lies has been unpublished. Unfortunately, that unexpected medical issue that popped up hasn't been resolved, and if anything it's worsened. I've felt terrible for making promises and not following through with them. So for now I've decided to take down my stories. Coiled in Lies and A Mage's Fall will be re-published with scheduled chapters once I've completed the re-writing/editing.

12/24/2023 07:45

Please take care of yourself. We'll be here once you feel well enough to write.

01/13/2024 15:53
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry for the silence - I've been dealing with unexpected medical issues which I'm hoping will be resolved soon. Unfortunately, I've lost motivation to continue with 'Coiled in Lies' re-writing/editing. That part of the writing process is completely different from the writing phase and I think I just need a longer break and time to write something new before jumping back to 'Coiled in Lies'. So, as long as nothing else happens medically, next month I will finish up 'A Mage's Fall'. I will also start plotting my first medieval fantasy standalone 'A Prince and his Wolf' (Tentative title), which I am hoping to write for NaNoWriMo. I'm not sure whether I'll be uploading it this year, since the worldbuilding still needs some work, but I'm very excited to write this story! I think it's safe to say that if you like 'A Mage's Fall' you'd like this story too ^^ Anywho, that's all for now. Hope you're all doing well! ~ Q
09/25/2023 03:24

Hope you feel better soon! Taking a break is always a good idea to get one motivated.

09/25/2023 18:04
Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!
09/24/2023 11:33

Sure! You could go ahead and make a cover if you want. ^^

09/25/2023 02:59


09/25/2023 18:04
Ello fellow readers and writers! July 16 is World Snake Day! If you've got the time Yosef won't say no to a bit of attention ^^ I'm going to do Yosef (and myself) a favour and read up on snakes of the world. Have a great day! ~ Q
07/16/2023 18:57

Hope you have a good break!

07/16/2023 19:46
Ello fellow readers and writers! Finally reached chapter 19! The chapter I've left you hanging on for I don't know how many months. Sorry about that. Good news? Moving forward it's all new chapters and I'll continue to upload multiple times a week! If anyone's got Instagram, here's the link to my profile! I don't have much on there yet (anything you'd be interested in seeing?) but I'll be posting more once we're getting closer to the release of the sequel! Hope you have a great week! ~ Q
07/03/2023 14:32

Come back soon!

07/03/2023 16:44
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry for yet another announcement, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up that I'm going to continue re-writing/editing Coiled in Lies. So sorry for the incoming notifications if you've added that book to your shelf ^^" Hope you're having a good start to the week! ~ Q
06/19/2023 22:49
Would anyone be disappointed if I put A Mage's Fall on hold for now? I feel like I've been forcing myself to work on this story and try to get it finished, meanwhile I've been itching to get back to Coiled in Lies. (Anyone else been missing Tory/Yosef?)
06/16/2023 21:46
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry for all the notifications ^^" I wanted to go through and do a bit of editing on A Mage's Fall before getting to today's upload.
06/11/2023 22:06
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry for the lack of A Mage's Fall uploads. I had hit a bit of a plot hole and I have to go back to do some editing/re-write a couple chapters. I'll get back to uploading this week. I only had two more chapters left to write, so I'm hoping to finish the entire novella by next week - with editing and what not. I was going to take part in a contest - was planning to write a bit of a prequel for Yosef - but I think I'd rather focus on the editing/re-write of Coiled in Lies. The earlier I finish the better since I want to start uploading the sequel in October. That's all for now. Hope you have a good week! ~ Q
06/07/2023 17:51
Ello fellow readers and writers! Chapter 1 of my new story - A Mage's Fall - has been uploaded! Sorry it took a bit longer than I intended to upload, but I have in fact been writing. I'm already on chapter 7. I'm aiming to upload a chapter or two a week. Let me know what you think! ~ Q
04/29/2023 14:36
Ello fellow readers and writers! Unexpected as it is, but I'm trying to take advantage of the last week of Camp NaNo to get a novelette written! This is based in the medieval fantasy world I'm creating, and features a character that will be appearing in a novel I'll be writing next year. So this is more a backstory story ^^ As it is, it will be a very rough draft - I'll be uploading as I write - and I doubt I'll ever go through it to edit etc. I just wanted to write a snippet of a mage's POV to get an idea of how their magic works, and have a bit of fun writing a magic user character again (been years since I've last had a character like that). Let me know what you think! For now here's the cover. I'll start uploading once I've got enough for a chapter. ~ Q
04/24/2023 21:18
Ello fellow readers and writers! Just popping in for an update of how April has been going for me...which has been stressful. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take part in Camp NaNo. I really tried for the first week, but on the 31st - and then again just yesterday - I had to take my cat to the vet, and I've just been too anxious/worried over my Pippin to focus on writing. Good news: Pippin is okay. Bad news: Nothing was written. I partly feel like I was too excited and rushed into wanting to write this medieval fantasy without having a better grasp of the worldbuilding, so I'm definitely pushing back medieval fantasy stories. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with worldbuilding and get to the actual writing next year. I've got tons of ideas and for now I'll just make do with jotting them down. So for this year I think I'll be sticking with my modern day paranormal stories - mainly Tory and Yosef. I'll work on Coiled in Lies for Camp NaNo in July, get it completely uploaded by the end of September so I could start uploading the sequel in October. (Fingers crossed). I may be taking part in my first ever writing contest next month, which is hosted through a writing discord server I'm a part of - The Literary Lounge. Even though I didn't get to write A Wolf and his Human for Camp, I'd still like to challenge myself to write something on the shorter side, and I'll get to do that with the contest. Hope your Spring is going well! ~ Q
04/18/2023 21:42

I hope Pippin gets better soon :(

04/19/2023 01:30
@Hey... You.

Thank you, me too <3

04/19/2023 15:24

I'm sorry about your cat, I hope they get better soon. Also, please don't push yourself. There's always next year. And good luck on the contest!

04/19/2023 01:51
@Sarah J.

Thank you, me too <3 I usually like to write during the NaNo events, but you're right - I was definitely trying to push myself. I'm still trying to find a good balance so I won't get burnt out in the future. And thanks!

04/19/2023 15:32
Ello fellow readers and writers! Camp NaNo is approaching and I've changed my plans a bit. I don't feel like I'm prepared - worldbuilding/character wise - to tackle 'The Prince and the Wolf', so I am unfortunately pushing that project back till next year. However! I will be writing a novella - which will be covering the Wolf's backstory next month, and for Camp NaNo in July I'll be tackling another novella based in the medieval fantasy world. [Coiled in Lies re-writes/edits/uploads will continue in August, and I'll be focusing on continuing and completing the sequel at the end of the year.] Here's the cover for my Camp NaNo project! It's not the greatest cover, but I like it ^^"
03/27/2023 19:18

That's a cute cover, if that's the cover

04/02/2023 23:49

Thank you, it is! ^^

04/03/2023 00:29
Ello fellow readers and writers! Been a while since I've given any sort of update, so I'll catch you up with what I've been up to. Firstly, I was going to leave Ritora, but I've decided I'm going to stick around for a while longer. My story 'Coiled in Lies' is currently only available to followers, mainly because I'm still re-writing/editing and I don't plan on getting back to it till July (2nd Camp NaNo). So sorry to anyone who is currently reading, I do fully intend to get back to the story I just needed a break. I do value suggestions/comments, especially if you have an opinion on whether Yosef's POV adds to the story or not. I was thinking of taking it out. (I had also already started writing the sequel, and that would be continued at the end of this year - the sequel would 100% have Yosef's POV in it, btw). So what I have been up to? Well, what was supposed to be a break from all things writing ended up not being that at all. I've been busy creating a medieval fantasy world filled with mages, shifters, and gods. Pretty excited since it's been years since I've written characters with magic. This is what I will be writing for Camp NaNo in April! (Not sure when I'll be uploading that, since I've only got a working title - The Prince and the Wolf - and no cover, but we'll see!) That's all for now ^^ ~ Q
03/05/2023 20:50
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry about the delay with chapter 13 - had to write the majority of it while trying to keep up with NaNo - but now it's up! It's probably my favourite Yosef POV so far, with a few tidbits about Yosef tossed in there. Let me know what you think ^^ ~ Q
11/23/2022 05:22
Ello fellow readers and writers! Sorry for the silence and lack of updates. I fell behind on NaNo right from the beginning, and I've nearly caught up just today! I wanted to share a couple of pieces of good news with you ^^ 1 - Through NaNoWriMo, I just hit 1 million words in the lifetime word count! 2 - 'Coiled in Lies' is officially completely written! ^^ Currently it's word count is over 148k, but since I'm editing it as I'm uploading, I hope that will go down a bit ^^" I'm going to jump right in and start writing the sequel tonight, and hopefully I could continue 'Coiled in Lies' uploads next week! Talk to you later, ~ Q
11/13/2022 00:49
Ello fellow readers and writers! It's the end of October, which means NaNo is right around the corner! Now, before we get into all that I have some good and bad news... Bad news - I'm not sure how much uploading of 'Coiled in Lies' I'll be able to do during NaNo. I'm hoping for once a week, but if I've fallen behind on my NaNo word count I need to focus on writing. Good news - I'm going to be a NaNo Rebel this year! I'll be finishing off 'Coiled in Lies' and after that I'm going to start writing the sequel, which I'll continue writing in December and probably January too. So, what does this mean for you? 'Coiled in Lies' will be finished within a couple weeks, and will be completely uploaded early next year! (yay!) I'll be able to be a complete nerd and upload the sequel in Fall 2023 (Which is perfect 'cause the sequel is based in October to December! Yay x2) In short - I'll be finishing 'Coiled in Lies' this year, and immediately start writing the sequel, which means you'll be getting two complete stories from me next year! *fingers crossed, knock on wood* That's all for now. Happy writing to any taking part in NaNo! ~ Q
10/28/2022 14:41
Ello fellow readers and writers! I've just uploaded chapter 5. It's Yosef's first POV chapter! Check it out and let me know what you think. ~ Q
09/30/2022 19:58
Ello fellow readers and writers, Just wanted to let you know I've unpublished 'Coiled in Lies'. There's some stuff that's been bothering me about it, and I can't focus on trying to go back and finish writing it until those issues are addressed. That being said, I fully intend on finishing 'Coiled in Lies' this year. (From where I've left off writing it, I'm about 5 chapters away from 'The end'!) So any feedback, etc. you may have would be greatly appreciated =] Also - what are your thoughts on having POV chapters from Yosef? This is something I was going to do in the sequel, but I feel like 'Coiled in Lies' would benefit from some Yosef chapters. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! ~ Q
09/20/2022 03:10

Rip, Your story is the only one I hope for whenever I get a notification. Alas, I shall wait patiently for you to fix the issues. I love your characters and your writing style. Keep up the good work. <3 <3

09/20/2022 19:01
@Donevan Jace

Thanks so much. You made my day <3 I'll try and get back to uploading as soon as possible!

09/21/2022 15:59
Donevan Jace
@Donevan Jace

Take your time. Its worth the wait.

09/22/2022 08:32
@Donevan Jace

Part of me is still hoping to get this done in October so I could start writing the sequel for NaNoWriMo ^^"

09/23/2022 03:53
Donevan Jace
@Donevan Jace

Well, I think you can do whatever you set your mind to.

09/23/2022 04:37
Ello fellow readers and writers! Got another chapter uploaded for you! Let's just say Jax is extremely happy with all of this unfolding drama (which continues in chapter 19), and later on he decides to take matters into his own hands xD Currently - I'm writing chapter 34 which is all about reveals and my word count is just over 129k O.O I was hoping to wrap up this story at 150k, but it looks like I'll be closer to 180k ^^" What are you currently reading/writing? ~ Q
07/24/2022 13:26
Ello fellow readers and writers! I've finally managed to upload a chapter ^^" I was initially going to say I was going to make an update schedule, but with my health being as unpredictable as it is, I can't manage that. I take everything day by day, and I'd feel awful if I promised to upload and then I couldn't. So I'm going to upload whenever I'm able! I'm currently writing chapter 23, so no worries on there not being enough chapters written. Thanks for your patience, ~ Q
06/24/2022 22:19