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The Shadow of Gloom

The Shadow of Gloom

  • Fantasy
  • LQBTQ+
  • Adult
  • Romance

**Book One of The Accursed Chronicles**

August, a man from our world, stumbles into a magical realm called Laelmos, a land plagued by conspirers, winter, and the Vale, a troublesome source of corrupted magic that can hijack the system of any creature. 

Unbeknownst to August, there is evil hiding in the shadows of Laelmos, conspiring and plotting for the return of the Vale's supremacy, and it just so happens that August has been plunged straight into its claws. After stumbling into the hands of Gloom, a leader of The Remnant, August is bound to Gloom's side and is pulled helplessly into the turmoil of Laelmos. August wishes he could return home, but his purpose in Laelmos is much bigger than he first thought as an awakening happens within him, turning his world upside. August is left to wonder whether his life will ever be normal again or if he will have to embrace his new reality that threatens to destroy him. 

[ content warning: vulgar language, violence, and mentions of suicide + suicide death ]
[ total word count: 77,000-78,000 ]

Aiden Beltram
21 chapters