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Aiden Outlaw

Aiden Outlaw

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☆ Status: Updating Consistently ☆

☆ Hey lovelies, I'm Aiden (he/they). I'm a 23 yr old who writes poly/gay fantasy-romance.. If you want to support me and my writing journey, then please check out my books and show them some love! ☆



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Can't wait for more! I love ToK!
04/12/2024 16:51
Alright, chapter fifteen of ToK is out now. It's pretty lore heavy, but helps fill out the plot a lot more.
04/01/2024 15:30
Chapter Fourteen of ToK is out!
03/28/2024 13:56
Hello everyone, Chapter Thirteen of Token of Loyalty is out! Enjoy, lovelies
03/22/2024 14:54
Chapter Twelve of Token of Loyalty awaits for everyone to read!
03/20/2024 15:21
Another chapter for Token of Loyalty has been released. Chapter Eleven awaits!
03/18/2024 17:31
New Chapter of Token of Loyalty was just released!
03/18/2024 13:58
Token of Loyalty is officially here y'all! And big thanks to the support team for helping me back onto Ritoria!
03/12/2024 18:12
@Aiden Outlaw

Welcome back!!!

03/12/2024 21:20
Aiden Outlaw

Ty so much :)

03/28/2024 13:56
I love The Shadow of Gloom so far. please continue it
06/05/2022 20:34
Please keep uploading!
06/05/2022 00:18
Glad to see you here!
05/19/2022 09:03

Ty :)

05/19/2022 17:05