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Hello there!

I'm posting on here and hope to see how this site grows. I'm mostly posting an online story to test out Script Dialogue and to vent out certain smutty ideas in a cohesive story. I'm not looking for feedback on the content.

I don't need donations but if I'm supported with quills then I'll simply use it to purchase artwork when there is enough to do so here on Ritoria itself.

This is a venting project for me so I can contain all of my strange and deviant ideas away from the novel I'm seriously writing. I just wanted a place to share it with people who might like all the niche degenerate stuff I do, and if there are some who like this content Ritoria can benefit by having more visitors.

Thanks for visiting my profile, and I hope everyone has fun.



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So, I'm announcing that I'm dropping the series. I've decided that it's taking a lot of time to write and I'm ready to move on. It wasn't a series that was going well and it kept bothering me that the amount of work it would take to go back and re-write it in a way that I like it was too much. I'm going to stop with web novel writing, I may write some fan-fictions that are short and quick in the future but I'm not writing anymore long projects. As for the ending for this novel. The main character of course beats the villain and lives with them in a world where they can do a lot of things together so the intended ending was the typical happy one. For those who had been following, thanks for following but I've decided that I need to move on to a project I can write and re-write without regular updates and planning.
10/03/2022 23:13

I'm so glad you decided to resume the series! Please take all the time you need to publish, we'll be patiently waiting :D

03/04/2023 11:52

I second that!

03/05/2023 19:41
Taking a slight break and will continue posting in October.
09/22/2022 17:10
Why do you have a question mark avatar on here and SH?
06/18/2022 19:16

It's because it's kind of my motif for the anon2021 Screen name. When I'm done writing this on Ritoria I'll probably post it on SH too and then maybe I might abandon this Screen name. Haven't decided yet.

06/18/2022 19:36