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I realized I never technically did an announcement for this. I'm the unlikely event anyone noticed, I discontinued my stories. I'm done with writing webnovels. Both stories were written poorly and I don't have the time to rewrite them. I'm shifting my focus to writing my personal favorite story in the (most likely vain) hope of publishing it one day. If anyone is still interested in desert reaper, I'll lay out the plot below.

Peter destroyed transcendent, got assaulted by Rift who was suddenly stronger, kills Rift only to get assaulted by an unknown force, Peter gets contacted by a God, turns out Peter is part of a special bloodline created by Scythe Judgment(who is really a God either amnesia) to destroy a murderous God who happens to be the same force that assaulted Peter, Peter hunts the murderous god down, kills him, but dies in the process. The end. Kinda boring and generic, now that i look at it. Sword of Ganhelm never really had a deep plot, if anyone was wondering about it.

That's all. I wish my few followers and readers good luck with their writing. Hope y'all can succeed where I failed in writing.

11/15/2022 06:51

That's quite a shame. I just came upon your book and was really getting into it. Wish ypu all the best!

06/12/2023 20:51

Hey, can y'all see Desert Reaper chapter 24? I'm checking something.

09/23/2022 02:20

Will you finish a story before starting a new one?

09/16/2022 00:01

Perhaps perchance I might possibly do so in the future

09/16/2022 01:31

Hey, do y'all think that this would make a better cover for The Desert Reaper, or should I keep the current one?

09/13/2022 04:28

this is better!

09/14/2022 10:36


09/14/2022 14:03

Rant #1 I'm currently annoyed at grammarly. I was writing a chapter and I used the word "Rapier" Grammarly decided that was unacceptable and told me that my word choice was bad. So checked on grammarly synonyms for rapier. One of those synonyms was "sword" This annoys me so because a rapier is a kind of sword. By saying rapier, i merely specified to the reader what kind of sword it was. Why does that warrant telling my word choice is bad? Another synonym was "cutlass". Now that really annoyed me because the word cutlass and rapier are not interchangeable whatsoever. A cutlass and rapier, though both swords, are different. A rapier has a straight blade. A cutlass has a curved blade. This will never cease to annoy the hell out of me. Seriously grammarly, I was just specifying what type of sword he was using. What is wrong with That?! Ah, I needed to get that out of my system. Bye.

08/28/2022 02:43

Agh... Chapter 21 won't write. The words refuse to come out. Maybe sleep....

08/01/2022 00:42

Take a rest!

08/01/2022 02:21

Remember Rift from chapters 18 and 19? Well, keep him in the back of your mind. He shall become important again in time...

07/26/2022 02:21


07/31/2022 21:09

I'm changing my upload day for the Desert Reaper to Sunday, so I can spend more time writing and editing on Saturday. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone.

06/30/2022 03:20

Well, um, I did something quite embarrassing. When I was transferring The Desert Reaper from Scribblehub to here, I accidentally copy-pasted chapter 2 twice, so chapters 1 and 2 are the exact same. I realized and fixed this error. I apologize for that mistake.

06/28/2022 22:22

No worries, thanks for posting!

06/29/2022 02:30

Changed Silver Phoenix's name to "The Bid To Destroy Silver Phoenix."

06/27/2022 22:02

Well, good news. My first arc, Daughter of Chitaus, is shaping up well. Yay. Well, that's all. Bye.

06/27/2022 01:56

Hey bro, just wanna tell you i loved the desert reaper, so good. I'm also following you k bye

06/15/2022 06:40

That's great, George loves compliments :D

06/18/2022 19:56

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Being told that really helps my confidence.

06/18/2022 22:11


06/14/2022 22:52


06/14/2022 22:59