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Call me grim. I specialize in writing love that's equal parts sweet, naughty, and unhinged. I prefer to keep my real life a mystery, so feel free to paint whatever picture you want of me. Professional skydiver? Sure. Traveling circus performer? Cool. Tax specialist by day, rogue detective at night? Alright, but that sounds like a lot of work.

Whatever the case may be, what is true is that I deeply appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for all the support you've shown me. :)




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Does Beau and His alpha have a spin-off series? I love Unbuttoned so much. And I wanna know more about Beau 🌷🩷 O feel like he's been through a lot.
02/15/2024 04:33

there may be a spin-off in the future ;), i'm not sure yet. if not a full book, then there'll definitely be a few extras dedicated to them at the end of Unbuttoned

02/15/2024 18:25
I love all your books! You're very talented and I wish you a successful career.
10/04/2023 16:35
Any unbuttoned updates coming soon? :)
07/16/2023 19:41
You're legit one of my fav writers here. An update from you makes my whole day. Keep up the good work!
06/28/2023 21:39
I read Unbottoned and easily became one of my favourites. You are really talented I can't wait for what is going to follow and definitely I'm going to read your other stories too
05/09/2023 16:19
I, hate to say it, am a very avid reader of web novels; and yours by far, has to have the best writing, I adore it so much. It fits at all the right moments, which may come off weird but its really not I promise. I came here from your Tapas account which I have been following your stuff since like June of 2021, super excited when you had new stuff in the works, and I came here just because you said you publish an episode early; this was a while ago, but I thought why not post this now? Love your stuff. Absolutely adore it. Fluff. Smut, Everything. (Sounds creepy God, doesn't it? But this is anonymous and meant to be a compliment, so I hope it comes across as one... I'll stop now)
02/10/2023 03:49

Thank you! I appreciate your sincerity and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when people genuinely like my stuff :).

02/14/2023 02:48

I agree with every word! You're quite the talented author!

03/12/2023 11:25
Started reading Unbuttoned today and I love it already! Keep up the great work!!
05/18/2022 17:18
@Sarah J.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it 😊😊

05/18/2022 23:48