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Writer | Lawyer | Self-proclaimed Chef | Wannabe Artist
Favorite Genres: Romance | BL, Gay, BoyxBoy | Historical | Adventure | Fantasy
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Instagram: @Feast.Of.Noise
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*I will break you if you plagiarize me. I promise. It's happened to me FIVE times. Do it to me a sixth time and I swear I'll crush and expose you.




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Congratulations, you are the first person on Ritoria to reach a hundred followers! Not only that, but the Prison is nearing 2k reads. I believe that makes you Ritoria's top author.
09/13/2022 01:50

Thank you so much! It's indeed an honor, and I hope you're next!

09/14/2022 15:49
Congratulations on getting 1,000 reads for the prison
07/23/2022 17:12

Thank you so much!!!!

07/24/2022 16:26
Ello! I logged on and actually got notifications that you liked 'Coiled in Lies'! Thanks so much ^^ Hope you find the story entertaining! ~ Q
07/07/2022 22:50