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Deb E. Howell

Deb E. Howell

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Deb E could never write a *short* story for English class assignments. She took up writing stories as a hobby in high school, often sharing these with her friends at lunch time, but pushed fiction to the side for the sake of a few serious years of science writing for under- and post-graduate study in Zoology. Then it was time to adult and get paying work. Eventually, she landed a job that didn’t occupy her mind fully enough, and soon pen joined paper and a fantasy novel had begun which, after several false starts and some shaping and moulding, turned into Healer’s Touch.

Deb lives in New Zealand with her family and a menagerie of pets.


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I came to say that you have a way with words and I'm enjoying the Deadly Touch Series so far. :)
04/03/2024 22:41

Thank you! I do hope to get it completed this year. When I started I had no children and flexible work. I still have flexible work, but I have to fit it, and any writing I can manage, around children and more housework now, so … yeah (o: I won't walk away from it, though. And one day I'll have time again.

04/03/2024 23:11
@Deb E. Howell

Your commitment is appreciated!

04/07/2024 00:49
Deb E. Howell
@Deb E. Howell

So is yours. This is why I love Ritoria.

04/08/2024 01:50
Welcome to 2024! I hope you've either recovered from end of year parties or enjoyed a quiet slide into a Gregorian New Year (o: May the coming year bring wonderful tales, both fictional and real world.
01/01/2024 23:05
@Deb E. Howell

I wiish you well! Thank you for writing :)

01/02/2024 21:16
Happy holidays!!
12/23/2023 21:11

Thank you! To you as well.

12/23/2023 21:16
Hey Ritoria folks, I'd be curious to know a couple of words you might think of when you think of my Deadly Touch series, or my writing in general if you've tasted my Guardians & Guides series (just fyi, I'm going to do a deep worldbuilding dive into that one before sharing more chapters; I want to get it as close to perfect as possible from the beginning). I'm trying to discover my "brand" and I'm not very good at seeing myself how others might see me. I know what I hope people get out of my stories, but can't know how close I am to hitting that mark unless people tell me (o: Right, back to getting Magician's Touch right (I hope!). I think of myself as a linear writer, but I keep finding that I need to rearrange scenes for better flow. Two steps forward, one back …
05/27/2023 02:16
@Deb E. Howell

I think getting familiar with a writer's brand or style takes years, especially when a writer is hit with imposter syndrome, which really sucks. I often find the awesomest writers have the worst cases of imposter syndrome. I think this might be your case. You've got the magic touch- I say this as a person who's probably read over a 1000 books. Keep at it, you're doing great!

05/27/2023 21:12
Deb E. Howell
@Hey... You.

Thank you for saying so. I admit that part of the problem for me was allowing someone who clearly wasn't my reader to read the earliest chapters of Magician's Touch. I had a strong gut instinct for the early chapter setup and they said that much of it was boring, with no tension (Jonas is fricking *dying* and there's no tension?!). I spent years trying to figure out how to change things, and eventually went back to my original versions because I could *not* figure out how to write the story I had in my head without opening the way I had. So, it is hugely valuable to me to connect with readers who *get* what I'm writing. Your opinion is much appreciated.

05/28/2023 01:45
@Hey... You.

Don't let another preferences and desires dictate your writing. It should be YOU dictating THEIE preferences and desires, convincing them what you're writing is what they like without them even realizing it. Confidence in writing shows, and it's addictive for readers. They want an author who seems to know what they're doing with their story - they want to be guided on a journey, so a confident, well-thought out script is bound to attract them and keep them addicted.

05/30/2023 21:58
I love the art of your covers!
05/03/2023 21:02

Awesome. My illustrator will be pleased (o: He and I hope to keep working together on future projects (as my ideas and budget allow)

05/03/2023 23:39
Great work, keep it up!!!!!
03/12/2023 17:47
@Hey... You.

Aw. Thank you. Will endeavour to!

03/12/2023 21:44
Hey... You.
@Deb E. Howell

You've honestly become my new favourite author, thank you so much for writing!

04/01/2023 19:38
Deb E. Howell
@Deb E. Howell

Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much for saying so. I'm sure it's every writer's goal to be *someone's* favourite writer, to find that audience that "clicks" with their ideas and words, but not many say it, and writing does get lonely. So, yay. Your words will help me prioritise the writing (although, I do still have a day job that occasionally takes over, but during the quiet times...)

04/01/2023 21:38
@Deb E. Howell

You're honestly great, please keep it coming but don't overwork yourself!

04/21/2023 03:33
Glad I found your stories! I've just begun but I already love Healer's Touch!
03/12/2023 11:20

Thanks for saying so. Really appreciate it.

03/12/2023 21:45
I just found Healer's Touch on the Forums and I love it already! Thank you for writing it. ❤️
03/04/2023 12:17

Thanks so much for taking the time to say so. I'm so glad it still works for readers.

03/04/2023 20:40
I love Healer's Touch and wanted to recommend it to any who'd give it a chance! Thank you for posting it.
02/28/2023 16:55

Thanks so much for saying so!

02/28/2023 20:09