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I am just a aspiring writer with dreams of being able to write stories anywhere and anytime and make a living. I constantly have ideas for new books and tend to work on more than one at a time. You can find me on several social media platforms!

Tumblr: AngelsDevils
Tapas: Dark_Moon_Goddess
Wattpad: Dark_Moon_Goddess


Will be updating a new chapter here shortly! On my patreon you will learn a little more about Adrian's grandfather if you are interested in the man who raised him. <3
11/06/2023 18:26
Hey guys! If you guys could do me a solid favor, please leave a review on my chapters! I am adding this book to my writing portfolio, and I wanna add some of your reviews (with your usernames not real names) so that it looks more professional! Thank you so much I need like 3 if you guys give me permission just let me know!
09/30/2023 07:28

What kind of reviews are you looking at?

10/01/2023 12:25
I am still writing on The Becoming of an Assassin, but I had this Dark Romance in my mind for awhile now... <3 coming soon
09/04/2023 17:50
I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss.
07/13/2023 22:39
@Hey... You.

Thank you, sorry I didn't respond sooner I just saw this.

09/14/2023 00:40
How are you? I thought to check in on you. hope you're doing better
07/03/2023 21:48

I am doing better now, thank you for checking in! Sorry I just responded.

09/14/2023 00:41
I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
06/11/2023 17:52

Thank you, sorry I just saw this. I wasn't really looking at my wall.

09/14/2023 00:41
Hey guys, so I will not be active for a bit. My father passed away, so I will be the one handling the funeral arrangements and I need time to grieve.
06/04/2023 11:27

My sincerest condolences :(

06/06/2023 13:06

Please take all the time you need. I'm so sorry for your loss.

06/07/2023 19:39
@Sarah J.

Thank you very much

06/08/2023 14:53
Congrats on 1K reads!
06/02/2023 21:37

Thank you very much!!

06/04/2023 17:53
Chapter Six is scheduled to be released on Tuesday at 5:00 AM I am not sure what Time Zone Ritoria uses but its set for 5:00 AM on Tuesday<3
05/21/2023 15:03
There will be no chapter updates this week. I have been sick, and while being sick haven't been able to rest because of college and work. So gonna try and rest to feel better by the end of this week so updates can pick back up.
05/16/2023 03:01

Hope you recover quickly. Have a good rest.

05/16/2023 16:15
Shout out to FeastofNoise and an anonymous patron(whom I won't name for specific reasons) for being the first two to subscribe to my Patron! Your support means the world to me! Another special shoutout to Wowie! For supporting me with Quills, I truly apprecaite your support as well! I promise to continue to provide good content on a regular schedule! <3
05/07/2023 13:36

Thank you for the shoutout!!! I'm happy to support an excellent author, also I'm dying to read more! ;)

05/07/2023 15:51

I am working on chapter five now! I hope to have it up today along with chapter six!

05/07/2023 16:11

Get yourself something nice with it ;) LOL All jokes aside, Aiden rocks.

05/08/2023 09:26

Thank you so much!

05/08/2023 15:22
Next Chapter of "The Becoming of an Assasssin" will be uploaded tomorrow (Friday May 5, 2023 EST)
05/04/2023 13:47
Came here to say I love the cover!
05/04/2023 12:07

Thank you so much!

05/04/2023 13:34