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The water steps cover is GORGEOUS!
11/25/2023 15:06
Hey everyone, I know there's been a bit of a wait on the next chapter of Halo, but I want you to know it's coming. Currently I'm doing a lot of editing and rewrites on my other stories to be self published not only on Amazon but on a new website I'm building called Novel Bomb. Novel Bomb is going to be home to original stories in Novels, comics, and even games. I just want to make sure that everything is perfect for when I launch. Halo isn't over, more is on the way but I'd say I'll likely be able to start releasing new chapters by the new year. I hope you'll stick with me up to then.
11/04/2023 16:50

Thank you for your work!

11/12/2023 18:21

And Novel Bomb sounds exciting! Good luck.

11/12/2023 18:22
LOVE Halo City Angel's cover!
09/26/2023 20:16