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I write, I cry. I write again. Give a virtual cracker in support for the soul that has left my body over the many sleepless nights of bringing these novels together.



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Please please come back! The scheduling system as been fixed!
11/12/2023 18:18
All your book covers are sooooo pretty!
09/24/2023 10:33
This site needs some heavy updating if it wants to keep authors. If you guys really want to continue reading my novels they are already completed and out on Tapas for free. However, if you do want to buy and support they can also be bought on amazon as well. Good luck. I will check back in once in a while to see if the site improved. But for now its very hard to update with the way they have things set up now.
08/28/2023 15:47

I agree, and I think they're currently working on it. I saw a post about it on the Forums. Hopefully it'll help you with updates once they fix is complete!

08/28/2023 16:54

I did actually reach out to the site help and they did say it is an issue they are aware of and will be working on fixing but they are not sure when that fix will be done and implemented. They didn't have a end in sight for such an update. And because of that it's just not very practical to use the sight because I could forget which date I had chapters up until and then accidentally upload the next chapters before the next one. Ruining the order of the chapters. So it isn't very practical. it's going in blind. Since these novels are already out on other sites I suggest reading them there for free and then you won't miss out on more chapters. They have the same name and are by me so you should be able to find everything okay.

08/31/2023 18:54

Maybe report the issue to the site? I'm sure they'll try to fix it, although according to Hellotherereader they're already aware. The site owners are a group of writers and they seem really keen on making this a good site.

08/28/2023 17:09
Hey! Love Tie Him To Me! Is Part 1 of Book 1 finished? And what's your updating schedule? Thanks!
08/17/2023 23:43

Sorry life got really busy and everytime I came on here Icouldn't tell when the next release was going to be as I had rescheduled some chapters but ti has no way of letting you check what day or time chapters are coming out on.It doesn't even let you see when you click on the rescheduled ones again. Its a huge flaw. It's really turning me off the site, cause I have bad memory and I could post like the next 110 chapters all in the span of like 4 days if I forget. since there is zero way to check. I don't have time to come on weekly and post anymore, so the schedule thing would have been better. I dunno when I will get back to posting it on here because of that. but if you really want to keep reading the completed version of this and the next novel are already out on Tapas for free, or on amazon if you want to have a pretty copy for your shelf.

08/28/2023 15:44
I love your books already!
06/28/2023 20:42

Awe thank you new mass releases are this week. I do hope you enjoy it more!

07/01/2023 00:02

Loved it all!

07/02/2023 21:09
Love your stories! Thanks for posting
06/18/2023 19:59

Thanks so much I appreaicte you reading them. I am sorry I am not able to post faster.

06/20/2023 05:14