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Author and Artist of the grotesque, the horrifying, and the erotic. 

I will be adding publications as I have the time. There are many coming, many in the works, and many more in the idea bank.


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Hi everyone! After a bit of **life happening**, we are back on track. I've got three last stories to edit, our illustrators are hard at work, and I can't wait to show you what we've got in store. Please stay tuned, and thank you so much for your patience!
07/27/2023 23:06

Good luck!

07/31/2023 16:52

Miss your stuff. Come back soon.

10/11/2023 20:33

We are on track - everything is edited and in final form. Stories will be published based on the schedule I and the illustrators agreed upon, so please be patient. :)

10/12/2023 14:47
Exciting news! All stories of Vol 2 for the Monster Anthology are ***drafted***! I will be starting to edit these stories in a few days after I've rested. The first story has already been edited, and published on my patreon. Patrons will have first look, so if you can't wait, jump on over there! Once s2 begins, I will be publishing the complete and illustrated Vol 1 with a new story and spicy illustrations! Be sure to get your copy.
05/27/2023 01:34