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It is not next week, but new MAD chapter is out!

04/08/2024 16:32

I just updated Kingdom and MAD, check out the new chapters! I'll see you all next week!

02/15/2024 16:37

Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!

10/19/2023 23:28

Hello, sorry i took a break I'm back! Yes please that would be amazing

01/29/2024 10:22

Should we reread Kingdom since you're editing it?

09/20/2023 21:38

Love your book! Thought you should know you're a great writer!

07/11/2023 20:16

Thank you so much, I'm in the process of updating the first 8 chapters so please look out for updates in the coming week.

07/13/2023 08:29