Witches and Werewolves

Alpha Longing

Alpha Longing

by Nova Rayne
Werewolf BL Smut Omegaverse Romance

Aki: Always sheltered by my family, I thought I had everything. The day I found my boyfriend cheating, I made the erratic decision - I bought a one-way ticket to Japan. But little did I know that my bonded mate would knock at my door, dying.

Takeshi: I’m a lone wolf, chased by the Alpha who killed my parents. The day I went to the Red Light District, they found me again. But one of the witches turned her back on me. Reminding me that in this brutal world, I am truly alone. 

This is a mature werewolf story and will contain blood, nudity, strong language, explicit sex scenes, knotting, and male pregnancy. 

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Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually Assured Destruction

by AalisBlue
Fantasy Historical Fiction Supernatural Young Adult Dark Adventure Apocalyptic Isekai Magic Romance

On the night of the Red moon Marie was given the opportunity. An opportunity to evolve; out of consideration for the safety of her family, she takes it and is thrown into three worlds with three different tasks. Her one job - to survive and conquer. 

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Werewolf Fantasy Mystery Adventure Action LQBTQ+ Fiction Utopic/Dystopic Supernatural Young Adult Adult Dark

Several thousand years ago from present time, (4043) back when the humans existed in this realm, the wolves found out about a new form of technology. 




Slowly, Mindlink had evolved, with the help and grace of the Moon Goddess, when an artificial revolution caused a tremor to all wolfpacks, humans and the entire world. 


A new form of power arose, called Fusion. It was a mindlink with the Mind, Body, and Soul, a transgression into a god type of form, a mixture of both wolves, into one bigger, better faster wolf. 

It is said to encourage mates to become one with another, pleasures so extreme and accompanied with a  sense of completeness that was forever unmatched. But, there was a horrible twist. 


SC4 - 19 was a parasite, that when mates fused together for a long amount of time, it was impossible to revert back into their original selves, sealing them together, until they eventually succumbed to the parasite, losing their minds, bodies and souls, into a messy and thoughtless mixture lost away to time and space, their bodies slowly breaking down. 


Cities that exploded from overpopulation slowly started being taken over by mindless wolves, until it was unsafe for anyone and everyone. That is, until a new city was founded, meant for the few people left unfused, untouched by the parasite. The Great Bang had just commenced. 


Follow the story of Nathan and Joey, two alphas, who tried it out, before the Great Bang was able to take over their lives.. 

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The Mook Maker

The Mook Maker

by beast_regards
Fantasy Mystery Adventure Action Isekai Harem LitRPG Romance Adult Magic

There are many possible fates that can await those whisked away from our world to another.

Some became heroes or villains, given the right power to forge their own destinies as they wished.

Others, the powerless, became victims, doomed to perish, at the mercy of the cruel world filled with mystical powers they are unprepared for. A lone man who woke up alone under the alien sky was neither of those.

He didn't get to choose what he was going to become - a disaster, an unwilling source of intelligent, yet violent monsters, rapidly rising in numbers. Stranded in a foreign land, without even knowing the language, forever locked in the unending cycle of violence he neither wishes for nor can escape from. His creations may be the only company he would ever find.

The man wasn’t powerless.

But was he really that much better off? It just took one wrong power.

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Empyreal Calamities

Empyreal Calamities

by simpleSH29
Fantasy BL Adventure Fiction Adult Drama Romance Magic

The past has a strange way of returning to haunt the present. And when this group discovers that certain events in their pasts are connected, it will affect the future…

Lenus is a young man on the run from his family after learning the dark plans they have for him. The only two people he can trust are his older half-brother, Varrick, and his half-brother’s mother. Being sent to Ebonwood, a small town near the edge of the province, Len tries to lay low until they can find a way to get him out. However, being a new person in a small town draws the attention of one of the town’s “guardians”, Dolion.

Dolion, Ilys, and Absalom are siblings who protect their hometown, help its people, and work as independent sellswords. When Dolion sees Len, he can’t help but be attracted and suspicious of the younger man. He just hopes that no trouble will come with this new visitor. Especially after Ilys and their younger sister, Kara found a mysterious orb that showed them a terrifying vision of the world burning.

Kara’s convinced it’s their destiny to stop it. Ilys thinks someone else is meant to. Dolion and Absalom think the orb is something important that’s connected to their past and Len wonders why he feels the orb calling to him. Their pasts are connected in some way and what they uncover might spell doom for everyone around them…and the world.

Updates every Wednesday <3

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