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Lay Me Down

Lay Me Down

by Quill Pearson
BL LQBTQ+ Fiction Adult Smut Romance Contemporary

Bi-curious Lucas was eighteen, in his senior year, and speeding, so of course he found himself face to face with the gorgeous, Officer Hoffman. Lucas worked up the courage to slip his number to the man that'd pulled him over, never anticipating much in return, let alone a call... but then the unexpected happened. 

Luca has known more than enough disappointment and hurt throughout his life, but this time he might just find himself, freedom, and maybe even love in the arms of his unlikely partner in this coming-of-age, coming out romance.

Spicy chapters marked with a 🌶️

Updates 2-3x per month. 

A/N- this is a gay, age-gap couple. If age-gap's not your thing, scroll past this. Content will be sexual and mature, sexual partners of legal age.

Copyright of Quill Pearson

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief mention in review.

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Death Is A Bottom?!?

Death Is A Bottom?!?

by Mauri
Fantasy Thriller BL Horror Action LQBTQ+ Supernatural Adult Comedy Smut Magic Romance

Deyonte Wallace is no stranger to the uncanny and supernatural. Ever since surviving a near-death car accident as a child, he's developed the ability to see otherworldly ghosts, entities, and monsters. 

And he can't fathom having to deal with a bigger burden. 

Deyonte can't focus on hobbies or his studies as a first-year master's student due to constantly having to fend off supernatural nuances that are strangely attached. Even so, these creatures, though annoying, have never been violent. 

That is until one kills him during his nightly ritual of midnight coffee runs. 

Deyonte should have been dead, but to his luck, he was saved by a mysterious creature that was different from the rest. Death itself.

Death informs Deyonte that his soul is caught between a state of living and deceased. Due to the uncanny strong power within his soul, it's not the last time he'll be monsters and demons menu. As much as that terrifies Deyonte he can't help but feel a strange attraction to the entity known as Death. 

As Deyonte and Death battle hell spawns to escape deadly experiences and unravel the mysteries of each other's past they will somehow get themselves wedged between a crossfire of heaven and hell with both of their very souls on the line. During this quest, Deyonte will have to discover if making out and topping the Grim Reaper is worth all the headache

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Punchline Of Love

Punchline Of Love

by Hoku
Action Contemporary Young Adult Comedy Drama Slice of Life Romance

A Korean-Drama Inspired Light Novel! ~⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄.

Mееt Yoo Ji-won, a spiritеd university studеnt with a knockout punch and a sеcrеt ambition to bеcomе a pro boxеr. Whеn shе crossеs paths with thе goofy but charming Lее Min-joon, a budding stand-up comеdian, thеir worlds collidе in thе most unеxpеctеd way. As thеy navigatе thеir drеams and carееrs, thеir journеy is a dеlightful blеnd of humor, lovе, and laughtеr, promising a knockout romancе likе no othеr. Can Ji-won's powerful punchеs and Min-joon's comеdic charm crеatе thе pеrfеct "Punchlinе of Lovе"?

Thanks for the Love and Support given to this novel because of that I was able to reach the top 50.

Updates Every: FRIDAY >_<

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Shaded Soldiers || MxM || Omegaverse

Shaded Soldiers || MxM || Omegaverse

by Shade
BL Action LQBTQ+ Smut Omegaverse Romance

Riley Steele, a 26 year old omega, is ready to do whatever it takes to get accepted into a special unit in the army full of alphas, and the people standing in his way are not shy to take advantage of that. With no choice but to accept the abuse, Riley's wish comes true, and he is finally allowed to join Tactical Team 07 with a promise his life will always be hell, and the people he should be most afraid of are not the domestic terrorists trying to bring back the good old ages when omegas had less rights than tablespoons. No...

It's his allies he needs to be afraid of.

But maybe this team, TT-07, is different. Maybe these alphas don't mind fighting with an omega. Maybe they don't see him as fair game, a toy to use. Maybe his new partner, a grumpy older alpha, Reid Bishop, doesn't actually hate his guts like it first seems. 

Maybe he has found his family in this team. Maybe they see him as their brother, as equal.

But it is certain there are people who hate to see a strong, skilled omega in their precious elite alpha army, and will do whatever it takes to ruin him and break his spirit.


Trigger Warnings: Violence, Blood, Death, Non-consensual sex (non-graphic)

Ream subscribers will get more goodies from early access to additional chapters, plenty of smut scenes, art, and even more! Link in my profile!

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Romance of the Cursed Knight

Romance of the Cursed Knight

by PumpkinEwe
Fantasy BL Smut Romance

Shafir, Vice-Captain of Slentis Empire Knights, is an angry guy. Being an abrasive individual, he’s always had others looking down on him. Many elves wonder where his loyalties lie. Unbeknownst to others, a mysterious man cursed Shafir to be the downfall of those around him, which leads to constant fighting with his captain and a long-time rival. Shafir has never met someone he hated as much as his captain.

Why does Shafir feel the urge to fight him on sight? Why does his heart beat so fast when they argue? Thus begins the journey to take down the evil behind his curse and protect the empire. Can they do it without beating each other black and blue in the process? Can Shafir figure out why he feels this way as well?

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