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Hey, any more updates? <3
03/12/2023 11:52
I love your book cover. I really like that kind of style. Do you mind telling me who made it for you? Thank you!
06/10/2022 19:40
@Sarah J.

Hi! I actually comissioned it through an artist on Etsy!

06/18/2022 08:35

Mind if you share their link/profile?

03/12/2023 11:52
Please upload soon! Love your book :)
06/05/2022 22:34
Love The Vampire's Last Omega and I love Teru, thanks for writing it, and can't wait for more!
06/03/2022 23:16
Can't wait for more chapters of The Vampire's Last Omega!
05/03/2022 06:04